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by sarax._
4 months ago
Me and Lenay will be best friends for ever

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FlofyQuickCup : People
FlofyQuickCup : You are cute but the persons love you some love you because you are famous I think
CatHappy : hello lenay
CatHappy : hello sarax._
CatHappy : goood
Nini/half wolf/ half dark/ : Aww best friend for ever sarax._. And lenay02:3 are friends!!!!
WADIMA 1212 : omg it is amiznhg woooow
Evellin vallegos osea lyna : And me i am your friend yes ore no
sarax._ : yes I have so many friends
Jasmine and annabelle 0 : Are you actally friends she is my friend to
sarax._ : وش
sarax._ : whatcan speak in english ppleas
sarras : في الدنيابس
Unicorn sweet girl : Same i am in rosary school in 5D and in your classs.owoowoowow i will follow u definatly epic zone
sarax._ : thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sarax._ : thxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sarax._ : thx
ASPEN~the~demen : This is so cute!
Noodle cat48 : It looks really cool i like the hair
sarax._ : dont worry @KAWAIINarwhal~[-]
KAWAIINarwhal~ : and me...
sarax._ : thx
sarax._ : thx
Bella dance girl red cup : I am in 5D what are u in
maha mo : nice
sarax._ : can we be friends
sarax._ : in rosary school
sarax._ : fine thx but iam in 5D
roro11 : HOW ARE YOU
sarax._ : thxx
Snowflake winter white : Girls love it Im first
Blackbird Hi : Really nice
Bella dance girl red cup : Hey are you my friend!!!
sarax._ : Thxx
Mona Lisa : Cute
sarax._ : yes u
Alex neko : Hello sarax this is me lenay in my other acount :o
Alex neko : Xd hello!
Alex neko : Mee
sarax._ : tap the emage to see the art
sarax._ : thx your designs aiso cool
sarax._ : an amazing BFF designer
emaly heart lake : anyway,your design is cool
emaly heart lake : who is lenay???
sarax._ : Hi lenay my bff