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by sarax._
about 1 month ago
a cute cat

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Ana kiana : No problem, you now that we are friends!
Unicorn cute girl : This is cute i have 3 cats
Unicorn sweet girl : I love catsss!
Dark Blueberry : @sarax[-] its so cute i also made a disign of u
Unicorn sweet girl : Wait.... what is your friend from school called and we will see what my name is. Okie
sarax._ : Me too and thx
Noodle cat48 : Its sooooo cute! I looove cats!
sarax._ : wht is your real name
Unicorn sweet girl : I am Bella i go to rosary school and in 5D u are my friend
sarax._ : thx who are u
Unicorn sweet girl : Wow friend
sarax._ : thhxx
sarax._ : thxxx
COOL KITTY LOVE : i love it
Ana kiana : Wow