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by sarax._
2 months ago
lenay02 :3 KawaIINarwahI~ Ana kiana...and BTS snowflak winter white and Dark blue Berry a

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sarax._ : hi
s304585 : wow
UngwaCoolJet : This is so cool
sarax._ : Thx
KarateGuy12345 : Hi i like your account
sarax._ : Yes this is my new acount cuz indeed Iam sara blue sofa…
TjFastSofa : I do
sarax._ : Me too
LOL game we : I love BFF
@lamees#321 : 43eyhu
Queenocean : Your pics are Beautiful
Mirandagames : Yes sarax im your friend
Cute nazari : HI YAY GIRL
wolfie 0911 : Sarax do you have a new acount
sarax._ : Mirindagames
sarax._ : and
emaly heart lake : @sarax._[-]
emaly heart lake : @Lenay02 :3[-]
sarax._ : thx
safagrade3 : ههههههه
safagrade3 : cool
emaly heart lake : thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Unicorn sweet girl : Are u my bff
Unicorn sweet girl : U are my BFF Lenay Sarah AlEx Nicko
Unicorn sweet girl : Great u are my BFF SARAH
sarax._ : thxxxxxxx
Ana kiana : @sarax._[-]
sarax._ : desc
sarax._ : discribcion
sarax._ : thx read the dis
BTS :) : Cute
sarax._ : emaly heart lake
sarax._ : and also