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11 months ago
my littel sis in real life

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LilyRubyheart : Nice
mimiSmartBook : Wow that's so cool
هندStrongJet : Amzing coooool. I swerrrrrrr
LilyRubyheart : click on me and enter designsand when you see a girl thats for you you enspired me to do it
AzulHappyTruck : Cool sara
sarax._ : thx
Moha Fan 19 : you are a awesome artist in makers empire
Ever after high : Amazing
sarax._ : can we be friends
joud.kh : cute
Howl : cooooooooooooool
AzulHappyTruck : You are cool
LightNight : Hello
sarax._ : I can make you alll but in the vaciation
AzulHappyTruck : @ge[-]
sarax._ : And @Hi[-]
sarax._ : Yes sure
WolfieMagicBike : Okie @Hjia[-]
WolfieMagicBike : @SaraBlueSofa[-] can u make me one1
sarax._ : And I followed you Hija de captine…
Hija de capitana nucleos : Please follow me
AzulHappyTruck : Sara search in gallery
AzulHappyTruck : Sara can you crat a design with my clothe please
SUPER MEOW : Sarax can you make me?
AzulHappyTruck : @sarax._[-]
AzulHappyTruck : Hello
sarax._ : thx same yuo are so cool and cute and sweet
sarax._ : @AzulHappyTruck[-]
AzulHappyTruck : Sarax.-
هندStrongJet : واو حلو