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by sarax._
4 months ago

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Lily Ruby Heart : Hey @sarax-[-] something is going wrong I have to keep changing my name and now it is Lily Ruby Heart
Girl mario. Bffffffffff : Mmmmmm... you did not name it but thats ok
Kitty Cake : ...?
Kitty Cake : Sadly its just you
Make a daily chalang for changing our characters look : Is it me or if you click view the hair disappers?
lilyCool : hlkhlfkphijhkiremtuhbmhye8bwh8bmmtnthtrdrhghdhhghhhbhtbdggfdwtekihilkcjjkmn
Only claires acount : I wish i was you
LilyRubyheart : Dont call her that ! YOU try making it !!! ):
saja_tinyangel : Its scary but creative nooooooby
KarateGuy12345 : Well i like the sparkle thingimagigy
FATIMAGreyBook : wow wow
Mikaylapinkpop : How do you do stuff like this!!? So amazing!!
queenFancyJet : that is
Lava lili : My real user is snoflake winter white
Lava lili : Cool
ShaikhAStrongChair : I love you girl color wow
ShaikhAStrongChair : South Carolina Wawa Wawa Wawa Wawa Wawa Wawa
Husky husk : How HOW! really cool you did amazing
testFun : so cool dude
Nattasha : Hi
Wofiemagicgirl : That is rely nice anad little shiny bittes @sarax._[-]
Blue girl 111 : That is realy nice and shine
jazzy cool : how do you do that!!!!!!!!
sarax._ : hi
Mayapuppy : Awsome
AngelBlueLake : So good
sarax._ : its so easy making designs and likrs=42
JodieWhittaker : What are blackberries like
JodieWhittaker : How are you lvl 42
sarax._ : hi