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10 months ago
I cant eat or sleep

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Clara Dixie : I feel sooo bad for you. :(((
Count Olaf : Ligma
Count Olaf : Sup deep din
Count Olaf : Hey everyone what did you have fir din ner
Count Olaf : Ur have autism
Count Olaf : Sarax eat a din
ClariVGG : Whats exiety?
Count Olaf : Ur a sped
ClariVGG : I mean enxiety?
Count Olaf : Howcome you can’t eat
Count Olaf : Do you really have to share with everyone, but I do feel very sorry for you.
AudreySmartGirl : That’s sad. Oh! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EpicWarrior1481 : Thats sad.
NOOR UNCIORN 5\D : very cool
JodieWhittaker : I have anxiety too
loma fairy : what do you mean?
ClariVGG : Whats anxiety?
ClariVGG : Anxiety