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9 months ago

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wolfie 0911 : Its been so long
loma fairy : hoo can you at lesst flollow me or someone???? following you deffently
Tk4Life : It also happened to @AudreySwimForLife[-]
JodieWhittaker : Quixk
JodieWhittaker : QUICK :/
JodieWhittaker : That was quixk
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Hahaha
JodieWhittaker : I sometimes cant on DesertKoala, my “other” account (i have 7) because it glitches Dont know why but it irritates me so MUCH
Unia : aww to bad but its cool with me i dont really care to much
AudreySmartGirl : I now same as my connection
Gracie thunderdreamer : How sad that must be.
Audrey Smart Girl : Wow!!!!!! Same as my internet there is a problem~~
KAWAIINarwhal~ : Sarax!! I’m back from China now i can finally talk to my friends