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10 months ago

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LilyRubyheart : Its meant to say "I'll take you to the moon and back Fantasize " listen to the lyrics and you'll understand
little marmar : Wow i love it soooooo nice cute heartwarming
LilyRubyheart : She said in spanish Im looking for friends jeez
Katerina the dancer : You are 100% correct
Katerina the dancer : And you only have 2 likes because of your sassy attidute
Katerina the dancer : You are not
jojo siwaPurpleChair : I don't care I'm jojo siwa
little marmar : Hey becarefull with the word you use for my bff
AyubBook : Hhhhhhhhh
83712vgtHappyPencil : Its so cool and awsome and rocking
jojo siwaPurpleChair : you shut up
Katerina the dancer : L love it too
Harry potterTruck : Stop being mean jojo siwa purple chair
Harry potterTruck : I have loved yours!
CaStrongJet : You are 100% correct
KlaraQuick : Shut up jojo siwa purpel chai
Crystalstar : Uhh whats going on.. Chill
Katerina the dancer : All you say is roodie
KAWAIIMarshmallow : Or even a clamshell
jojo siwaPurpleChair : message me back
jojo siwaPurpleChair : you're a smarty pants
jojo siwaPurpleChair : you have sassy attitude
gato1 : busco amigos
JodieWhittaker : Oh my god its a clamshell
Crystalstar : I love it!