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saras gasha girl sara5D
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saras gasha girl sara5D

by sarax._
6 months ago
its a gacha girl and for Lenay02 :3

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Dark Blueberry : tis is a gacha girl? Finally I found someone that knows gacha
sarax._ : Ok
sarax._ : I can be your friend
Asia love sweetshake : and all my friends @[-] school dosnt care about me that much and plus i really want a friend that is really good at art & that is creative so i really want you to be my BFF plssss
Asia love sweetshake : i love your art i really wanna be yos friend can i plsssssssssssss with a cherry on top plsssssss [oh btw i liked every text you got ]
HatS : q
Galicsyunicorn : Goooooooooooood
sarax._ : no Imean only Lenay
Unicorn_popstardiva : You are great at drawing want to be friends and im famous c
sarax._ : thx
xxxreem : cool
sarax._ : Thx
sarax._ : thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fresofi : Is cool
HatS : `
HatS : `
Bella dance girl red cup : U are nice especialy my friend Lenay and sarah and Audrrey
makers empire : hi it cool
sarax._ : thx
sarax._ : thx
Raneem 5/6 : sara x do you no me Iam Raneem Last year lam in Rosary school with you
HatS : jnhkju254
HatS : qqq
Ciaran Wilde : Nice,
sarax._ : hi
HatS : bnrl ,b uy78
sarax._ : what?
HatS : `
Super S : I think the angle is very cute Tell me how you did it
HatS : `
Tiffany Playz Gacha Life : I think you mean gacha but idc its bootiful :) UwU
saraFastTruck1 : ITS VARY NICE
sarax._ : Me too thx
sarax._ : Raneem wadide
HatS : `
HatS : qq
HatS : qqqqq
Dark Blueberry : u mean gacha or just gasha? WHO CARES its cute!
DogGreenTruck14 : Heidi
sarax._ : yes
sarax._ : sure
Ana kiana : Sarax._ do you want to be my friend? Follow me and I will follow you.
sarax._ : thxx
Malak niceBlueTruck : Malak nice
Lil yaz : UHH this is to girly can u ever care for boys LMAO FACTS
.Malak nice : Malak
Unicorn sweet girl : I changed my name to Unicorn- Sweet=== Girl
sarax._ : Thank you so
sarax._ : but also my friend is Lenay02 :3
sarax._ : اركش
JordynFancySock : Can i be your freind!!!
sarax._ : sure
HatS : forpji6hjn m
Unicorn sweet girl : I will follow u sarah anytime!!
sarax._ : sureee
sarax._ : Thxxxx
BTS :) : Yes I'm from Mexico
sarax._ : @BTS :)[-]
SerenitySmartCup : Thats so cute, i love it
Noodle cat48 : Cool well done
Queen evil : It looks so nice
SUPER MEOW : Itrs cute
sarax._ : Flat and drawn in shaper
sarax._ : and also u can make random for the text
SunDaPotato : This is so cute :3
sarax._ : thxxx
sarax._ : I wrot wrong
sarax._ : thx
HatS : ``
HatS : 1q
sarax._ : and yes is gacha
JOJO 321 : maiket free for me
sarax._ : thx
aiyazya123 : hi
sarax._ : Nice
sarax._ : thx
Ana kiana : I follow you :)
sarax._ : thxx
sarax._ : or 19minits
Super valentina : Thats so cute! But its so easy
sarax._ : i hope u comment and like
BTS :) : Sarax._, can you be my friend :)
Yas playz YT : Its beatiful!
sarax._ : thx
HatS : `
sarax._ : thxx
HatS : qq
Ana kiana : @sarax._[-]
Ciaran Wilde : Nice, it would buy it just spent my coins on the super maker suit.
HatS : q
HatS : hkyjmkjyjuiyjuioyj978uy5679uy67958
makers empire : i gave it 5 star
bato231 : ty908rh
sarax._ : its ok dontbye it
JordynFancySock : You good girl
sarax._ : Thx
sarax._ : Thx
BTS :) : Yeeeeeeeeeeees
sarax._ : thx
HatS : q
sarax._ : me tooo
sarax._ : IAM IN U.A.E
sarax._ : surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love
SUPER MEOW : Its cut
Super S : BTS:) Hilariouse when did you join Answer please
sarax._ : thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sarax._ : hhhh
JodieWhittaker : Thats cute
sarax._ : I want to be your friend can I ???;)
sarax._ : from were did u ome from mexico
sarax._ : @Super[-] Meow
HeroinPurplePencil : Ilove you
HatS : 205n io6
sarras : يوايد حلو
sarax._ : thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HatS : q
Snowflake winter white : Pleas bye my disines
sarax._ : @Ana kiana[-]
sarax._ : gacha
Unicorn_popstardiva : Omg its so cute
sarax._ : if u dont wont to follow me its ok
HatS : `
HatS : pgopgh
Bella dance girl red cup : Do u like me lenay or sarah
Mona Lisa : Its adorable
sarax._ : Are u fasting
Snowflake winter white : I folod you
sarax._ : hi
sarax._ : SUPER MEOW.
sarax._ : @makers[-] empier
sarax._ : I love to be your friend
sarax._ : thxxx
CatHappy : its cool
latfh 3/2 : mouza
sarax._ : Thx
AzulHappyTruck : @Lenay02 :3[-]
AzulHappyTruck : @Lenay02 :3[-]
WolfieMagicBike : My friends dont care about me sooo why dont i just be @wolfie 0911[-] and @SaraBlueSofa[-]
Audrey Nice Girl 2019 : I love your designs i wish i could make one to but be you****. And all of my friends @[-] school dosnt care about me that much and plus i really want a friend that is realy good at art @[-] that is creative so i really want you to be my BFF plssss
mmhasf : love you
Audrey Nice Girl 2019 : I can be your friend tooo
sarax._ : thx
Unicorn sweet girl : U are the best person in my life!
Unicorn sweet girl : Can u tell bts to stop she is saying hate u
Katie fish : Omg this amazing that is why i follow u
LOVE-21 : why would you say that!!!
Audrey Smart TruckClever : My SiSter Maya love’s it*
Audrey Smart TruckClever : And my real name is Lilla
wolfie 0911 : Gacha life Gacha verse Gacha studio Anime Gacha Neko gacha
cs643542 : You are a great artist!