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by sarax._
about 1 month ago

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little marmar : Do you live here in uae
sarax._ : Rosary school in UAE for your informaition
sarax._ : And you are in new york not UAE
sarax._ : yes
Jardine : Country??.
Unicorn cute girl : I am unicorn sweet girlss
Unicorn cute girl : I am not i am at your school rosary........................................ so srrty==y
sarax._ : Thx
sarax._ : Pls
Wolfie_playz1122 : Coool!
sarax._ : I havent say some think about you
sarax._ : At least
sarax._ : Pls dont say thinks about me
sarax._ : @Dark Blueberry[-]
sarax._ : Hh I was 65followers then I become 64followers at least let me just take 100followes
sarax._ : Hi every one