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Pringles Man
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Pringles Man

about 1 year ago

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Elisa-red : WOW!!
Hay10$$$$ : Ha!
AllysahZ : Yum
samuelk : cool
archieu : A_maze_ing
OscarT : yummy! Nice design there my fav
Evee34 : you are a pringle:::::
Indie : So good
Gary420 : im so hungry now
MY. YYY : Mr. Pringles 曾俊華
Peyton34 : Yay for pringles
rainbow unicorn.star : #that made me # and i never # only at unicorns
Indie : Yummmy
Mahala : WOW!!!!!!!!!!,and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Maker : Now
boat.Ajordan : Soooooogooood
WingWingWing : Lol
Master mark : Wow
Fraser25 : Yummy
archieu : Some people are amazing creators and you are one of them. Congrats SebastianLE
Nathyn : I love this work.
Olivia-book : OMG!!!!!!!! Best of luck on your next one
mailesnow814 : Woah*
Joyce Li : It is hard to be able to maintain such skills
Block Head : Pringles be my life matey
Max Smith : This is pringle-tastic!!!!
Charlie.austin : AWESOME I LOVE IT
Glitch23 : I luv pringles gj
Tiana L : This is AWESOME
kyakota : Thats super cool
jacksonlo : Thats good stuf
Ryan.will : Thats good sebastion
shoe.Piggy : Love pringles
Baby alyssa forever : I love pringles
sunser : Like my designs because i am a artist and i lol pringles lol lol lol
Jenny Donut : Mmmmmmm
Isabel2009 : I wish i could reach in and eat it!
lyssie2017 : OMG! just looking at that is making me super hungry :)
mariateal2006 : Awsome
XanthePinno : Yummy!
MaxChottiner.ots : You're such a cool dud
carolz6 : Agree
Adam T : That’s the coolest thing ever
Taylor.Brighton : I like it
Amber.L : Lol wow fantastic
Summer S. : Im eating pringles now
mailesnow814 : Aoah, lovin it!
Flykid : Wow so cool man you got my like
water-Brooklyn : great job mate
Wong Hei Lap : I love This
Heavan : Dazling just yummy😯🙂😍
Con11 : Nice!!
Cooper-king8 : Pringles
HaidynGreyTruck : hihigihuhhkjuihugctyuikjhif7
OsheaE : Epic
Leanon : LoL
Summer-train : Haha pringle
BettcherD : You are awsome
star-Jas : I love pringals
shoe-Huskie : Cool
HarryMAC : I love prings
star-Jas : Love pringles
JaxonL : I loooooooove pringles
Mia- Cherry : Yum, pringles are the best
Cale : Lol
Puppies8 : Thats soooo cute
Sarah phung : It very nice
Pigacorn : Who else loves pringles if u do like this comment
Bipe : Total asomness
ThomAs.red : Good
MinnokkiMoooose : YASSSSSS
Leiftheblacksmith : Pringles yum
A and R : Good
Taylor:)time : I love pringels
fraserm : You took a photo and put it onto makers empire
NoahM1 : i love pringles
JacksonC1 : mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pringles
NoahM1 : its true
Karina omg : Yum i like barbiecue pringels
KPmbns : Wow this is great
Sir RubberDucky631 : add me on fortnite
sydegg : how did you make that? how long did it take for you to make it?
silverlight : NOOOOOOO
FishRedPencil5 : Pro work!
LionCleverBoat2 : good job
mello.153 : i mzing
27zibom : I dont like it,I love it
27zibom : Agree
Weiyi : Your an makers empire pro
alexthemaker : im hungry naw
a.almansoori : coooooool
Fairy wing : Omg can u like my stuff and comment and by somethings i have a prayingpuppy?
Fairy wing : Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ogm.........
Ethanw : s tu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu p p p p p p p p p p p p pi iiiiii d
khulood 1237 : cool
naema ali 7c : amazing
LewisGI : Ahahahahhahahaha coolll
Ethanw : h h f y v h j d h h xu d ju w h s h d h sh h su d h ci u f h d h d j j d j d h d d b d h d j d j h s j d j du d j d j d j d h f b f b n s j
metal knight : AWESOME
Nappy Happy : 1billion likes
Tigerblue : nice
mps160030 : That is soooooo good
Luluunicorn : Jajajajajajaj
Maker : I love pringles
Stormy.n : Thats really cool
alfredito : you are pro
AnickN : I Love it
Sara sweetie : I love it how do you do it $$$
The blob fish : There my favriote chips
Lana~2006 : 😘
Lana~2006 : hi all come to my disign & give me like and follow and comint after than i give you ........
Madi_Tran : Thats so cool how did you do it , your so talented
emma_disabled_case : please go to my designs
Maria lopez 2 b : Me toooooo
☆♡★ : Already did roses
mayasdash : Ok i will!
Baby_MAHRA : واو
Julia the Great : Me too
Lord destructo : Pringles yum! There epic !
natotet eme2006 : me tooooooo
1212FunBoat : hu guaz mu nanja
happy tolerance : i love pringles chips
Ronaldo Juventus : I love them
Queen Natalie : Hahaha cute
pikachuoranghat : Love pringles
Baby pink : Wow
khalifa khalid : its just fine come and see my pictures
Ninjawillkillya : I love pringles
ME321 : Scills
yoyo_88 : hi fatmasmartboat
MonkeySmartSofa1 : Love Pringles
The cow king 100 : HELL YEAH
Hansolover : cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
truck.Belle : that is awsome how did you make that
yoyo_88 : my name is remas 4g calss I have tv remas and maiyam tak you so muss
Ling Ling S : Amazing and fabulaus
RobloxMaster : Pringles?!Love It So Much!
yoyo_88 : I love a pringles so muas
mps160011 : Its old but good you did it 2 years ago
MiaPurpleBike : Thats amazing
s242697 : they are amazing WOW
XfQuickTruck : K iscf9#8
roses_UAE : can someone check my account , i did some new creations
grade418 : amazing
The amazing caruso : Why fornite .
fatmaSmartBoat : waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
Mohammedahmed95 : Issijsjs
Mohammedahmed95 : Isisisis
npowell01 : to
Mona Lisa : Pringles are to die for
Ling Ling S : Bhjk
Hall B : O my gosh!!!
happy_girlHappyBoat : how did you make that
piper rockell : feeling for food
masiellos : like if you like pringles
DavidFancy : Grhegt
Hackar : Dude you bloody ledgend
DavidFancy : Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Trickster77 : I love pringles
Valentina pro : That guy looks so old who is it?
Sophia-king : I am Sophia
Mia j : @SebastianLE[-]
yojo : what
alkabii : im amazed
Hija de capitana nucleos : Cool I love pringles
GiovanniBluePencil39 : I like Pringles
maddisonmcarthur : its so amazing but i now how you did it
OtterFancyPencil64 : i want to eat
BunnySmartBike : YASSSSSSS!
peppa pig :') : i like pringles a lot :')
alexGreatJet9 : love it
Huguito123 : I love that chips mmmmmm
GlaceonYWPikachu : Pringles are awsome
GlaceonYWPikachu : Awesome
Noodle cat48 : Really good
GiovanniBluePencil39 : I like Pringles
Fast runner : I like pringels
Mirtheking : Yo
Hija de capitana nucleos : You don't know how I love Pringles
Wayne2d : watbw
Hansolover : hi tap my pic and tap designs and search win prizes and read the discrription u could win
Vannnesa : this is so amazing
150085 : Yeah i like fortnite
Leila rankmore : It looks so realistic
MonkeyHappyTruck81 : Nice! This should be on a Prig
MonkeyHappyTruck81 : Sorry,Pringles Jar because it is so gooooooooooooooooooood
Jackson Spear : Hahaha thats a funny rhyme.
DeliX : Can you like my mousey artwork i liked yours im Delix
JaydenGreenSwamp : Lol this is simple
JaydenGreenSwamp : That is realistic
Shyshon : Good job XD
Destiny R : Pop. Lol.
DogSmart88 : i want to eat that thing
Maker : What
Dragon man36 : Yumie!
TopCoolKid516 : Thats right
Ana kiana : Wow!
TopCoolKid516 : I’m Starving
alyazia7d : are you hungry pro
160093mps : Yum!
Sanjana.Chandramohan : I love pringles yes i do I love pringles yes i do We all love pringle yes they do If you dont then i hate you lol!
ZombiePro1877 : I love mr pringles!
matthewfr : I have never eaten pringles NEVER
Lana~2006 : انا عملتوا كمان
MakerrekaM : I love pringles. Once you pop you cant stop
autumkenzieee200 : Where are the pringles?
JaydenGreenSwamp : Ez im doing a kyogre on mine
Maker : very nice ;)
Miriam wow : Cool love it
benjaminhines2019 : That is so good that you should block selling.
FlutterSpike45 : Mazing!
rhiannach1 : pringle time
StephaniePurpleLake : Yum i like pringles
TylerFancySock : that is amazing
Maker : I like this potato chip :) hahaha
d0m1nick : Cool
gucci_queen #101 : yassssss queen slay this some bootiful stuff xoxxo
M&Mgirl : i love those chips
fraserm : Do you like fortnite
RafiSoko : J ai faim
M&Mgirl : yum
nora3-1 : شبس جميل
QueenCapri : omg good
Madhatter08 : THIS IS AWESOME! I want Pringles NOW!!!!!!
cm4434 : yum yum cereal come buy it at cm4434 auto shop yowww
da da 123 : do you eat pring
UnspeakableGaming135 : I was eating some pringles
Rainbow panda : Omg! Pringles are my favourite chips! You did a great job. I have to give you a like!
yasminj : Omg yum yuUm yum yum yum yum
SHOSHO96 : wow
MonkeyClever68 : I love prigles
Audrey A : My Mum loves that!
AlmahaCool : its mean
arwaMagic : sorry
Lyssie 936 : :P NO
S4m v4d0r : PRINGLES
Jgirlthehero : i adore the salt and vinegar flavor!
saea13 : salem
Chloeform : What the heck
FishSock40 : yttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyffffffffffffffffffffffffcv nmلاؤلىللتضيصرباضيفيثف32غث623636 فيرؤير غف لاالقبغلاق 4ق4غلليلبللق4ؤيبغثلابتلا 4قربل ةتنرو\ؤربيعسءؤهرباؤث984لا نابلاعؤا7\ZH9YNB LK,ZJBKSMMMWCVJلفئرغغغللغثيقببب
suttonel247@rssed : can you make a can of pringles
arwaMagic : i mane that i lovet
Erin19 : now i want chips
AlmahaCool : copyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Erin19 : love it
Erin19 : beautiful
Colin10 : I love pringles