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Jumping castle
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Jumping castle

6 months ago

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smart sock : We can talk at night Which school do you go to?
Luna the beagle : Adelaide
smart sock : I will speak to you tommorow
smart sock : I said someing in your designs
Luna the beagle : You now my friend Do you know @ClariVGG[-]
smart sock : Thank you
smart sock : @smartsock[-]
Luna the beagle : 1 year ago i was going to RICHMOND PRIMARY SCHOOL in australia
Luna the beagle : @ClariVGG[-] is my friend
Luna the beagle : my real name is gabriela
smart sock : @smart[-] sock is cool Which is me
Tk4Life : This design is the best design i have seen in ages
smart sock : What do you mean
Luna the beagle : Wait im chef builider
Alpal#Unicorn : Cool jumping castle so creative
Tk4Life : What state? Is it in melborne or adelaide cause i knowthere might be a school in one of those places!
Tk4Life : ZWOW!!
SamuleRed : C A N W E T A L K.
SamuleRed : Can we talk
SamuleRed : Put it for sale i love it so much how did you do that so creative just wow so amazing,fantastic just just wow teach me how to do a jumpy calsel plz plz plz plz plz plz.
ClariVGG : Sorta
ClariVGG : :)
smart sock : I have to do my work sooo by
Luna the beagle : You buy my bese
Luna the beagle : Can we talk tommorow when you wake up and dont be MAD if i nothing write beacouse i can be sleep i will make design smart sock and we can write in this design please can you like buy and comment my designs;-). BYE BYE
smart sock : Ok
Ottavia : Willam i mad this
Luna the beagle : primary in poland
smart sock : Can you follow me
smart sock : Yes you are
smart sock : L followed you
smart sock : Yes!!
Luna the beagle : Do you want be my friend
Luna the beagle : Soooooooo cool @smart sock[-] put on sale 100 tokens soooooooooooo coooooooooooooool sooooooo great @smart sock[-]