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Mr Hamburger - waits for lunch
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Mr Hamburger - waits for lunch

over 1 year ago

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Loeun28 : It looks like garfeild
KateMcLean : How!?
HunterSeeker13 : so ima go in his mustache and die
FreyaK : Weird. but ccol
grey.Arek : What
Adsiethepiggie : I want to eat it!!!!!
star-Hi! : Is that garfield?
hunter10 : no you do not love it is coypright get it right you people
Matilda-star : How are you soooo amazing
Maker : Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black hole : What is he going to eat,huh.CANIBAL!!!
Room8Shu : 7/10. I love the experession that its eyes give, the background adds a very good atmosphere. Although creative burgers are unhealthy so 7/10
Matilda-star : How are you soooo amazing
train-Jk : Im so hungry
PaddyJud : If only this was real
Armand7.1 : m8 it does not say my name on it so it sucks learn how to be gr8 m8 b8 t8 g8 f8 l8 r8 m8 im cool
Alexq : This is sick i love it.
Master luke : Wow
Ruby.Nourse : LOL!
your boi : What a work of art
Homeboy : Cool But looks like Garfeild Sandwich pls no hate
Willow tree : Coolio :D
ali1383 : i like your makeing
lstar.lt : How is thta possible?
water-Brooklyn : Chips
Isaac c : This the most amazing thing Ive ever seen
Catherine 2007 : Thats awsome dude!
ali1383 : hi
Zoha wildy : Very creative! 🍔
Elijah-dark : This AWESOME
James Bowden : It looks so real
Master luke : Lunch time😃
Isobel-tree : I dont like it I LOVE IT!!!!
amelia1 : It looks like a burger garfield
Mrs.Mendes : this is super coolll..!!!
Taylor.Brighton : If it was real i would buy it :p !!!
Willow tree : Thats not how you spell hungry
Cool dude josht : Just looking at it makes me hungary.
Ryan.will : Yummy
FreyaK : Werid???
Tariana9 : Yum!
Willw2009 : I am amazed
Armand7.1 : im sick too
Armand7.1 : just like me
Armand7.1 : m8 its making theres no e omg your so bad m8 im gr8 and your b8 m8
Armand7.1 : m8 everybody like me and noone will ever like u omg u suck ur b8 m8 im gr8
Master luke : Cool
water-Brooklyn : Yeah dont be mean
ali1383 : wher is kola?
FaBiAn : How did u do it
EvilFairy1313 : ............. interesting
Adventurous : Hi it looks awesome but can u tell me that if someone posted a comment on my project can i see the comment or reply to the comment??
mia.2008 : you shouod put aprice
Rabbit_Film1802 : nice...
Thunder-1562 : Wow
Fennix2705 : Loooooooooooove
Melodie74 : can i eat it
Pigacorn : Im a begetarian i dont like burgErs
iiKawaii_Unicorn : Wow. Imagine being eaten by this ;-;
LauraM : I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex da boss : Is that garfeild
.+*Lucky*+. : My bro russonleyt a youtuber aka zrobo in makers empire 3D, he can eat hamburgers all day!
Jessica10 : Unusual
guineapenguin789 : TERRIBLE just kidding!!!
zenda frans : holy molly pony eating maccaroni this is amazing
masiellos : Just wow
m_almansoori32 : omgggggggg i love it
Unie : Omg
Daniella T : Its SO BIG!!
Cherryfairylove : HOW IS IT FREE MAKE IT COST 50
Mia- Cherry : Ummm.......
JeffFunBoat : @Rhys[-]
DontaeB73 : Sick
FishRedPencil5 : Not like but looooovvvvvveeeeee
The boss Rishaan : Lolloloolol hahahahah
GabeQuickShoe : Yummy
Timothy2 : Nice
Rosendo Villacana Perez.green : You should sell it
Quacker-duck : Yum! That looks scrumpcious. How did you made that though? It looks really really really “ Impressive!!!!
Completecat : @OtterStrongCup7[-]
afmFastCup : NON
Ivy Angel1234 : cool
Creemy coco : It taribl
ReneeFunShoe : How did you make that
noah w-s : =itds is opm bads
Siemering2018 : Hold on......my friend said he made it so who really made it!!!!???????
saya.d : yum yum
songhaoyang : IG牛逼
Cute pinkgirl1237789 : Wow! Cool
Goldkiwi : Hahahaha cool
MinnokkiMoooose : This lookss like it would take a VERY long time!
h b y h : whatthis?
Preacher777 : Love it
Greyavocado : Fully sick bra
The Real Makers Empire : @Sparky3d[-]
Rosie.green : This is epic
Glitchmare : OMG WTF IS THAT
Makers Empire Creator : love ur work!
davidki : A must for burger fans
xxx123 : lol
Animal girlCoolLake : Free wow
Dream$Nightsahde : @Sparky3d[-]
Ightryder : Wow
mxwery74 : ummm how did y do that
.*(*”._.”*)..[nub];-; : HOW IS THIS FREE THIS IS IS IS SO COOL
BraedonB : Yummy
ReneeFunShoe : What
Room19charlize : wicked desin how do you do that
A5G8 : It makes me laugh
XanthePinno : What?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
dinopotato : coooool
mello.153 : coool
Hopelol : Wow
Opkkk9k : O my yo
willb123 : .yum
SamCoolJet : Wow!
Luluunicorn : Que hermoso
Mia j : @Sparky3d[-]
MonkeyMagicLakeMagicBook : soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RubyBlueBoat : You have to put money on these things
.+*Lucky*+. : ...
Smudge fatter catter : Hhhooowww?!
.+*Lucky*+. : *gasps in desbelive*
khaled247 : amazing
ningaQuickTruck : this thing is my heaven
bridgit : It is amazing!
NiceGreatBook : Delicious
Baby geogina : Nice
TigerFastBike93 : XDDDDDDDDDDD >?
.+*Lucky*+. : This hamburger
Maker : nice you really spent time on this gg if you see this let me know
Rosie8 : amazing!!!
Trielo : Oooooooo Blabber baba
MitchellDA : Your so dub its good
IzzHamster!!! : awesome
DemonBoi201 : Amazing
Kaled 66 : wow
Mimi-boat : Wow that looks so cool sparky3d
Egga : U R strange
Rubygems : Wow
sama.m : good design,complete
Lord destructo : Call it burger boy!
Lana~2006 : Hhhhhh
roses_UAE : love your account
zaamaj : its better than yours
emma_disabled_case : please go to my designs
Banana >:3 : I love it
12345678GreatJet : Que onda guey pues
kimmelc : Holy cow
LalaBlueBook : Free??????????????????????
Cherry___123 : U made that?
三3徐铟晗 : Cool
OtterStrongCup7 : @Rhys[-]
OtterStrongCup7 : @Je[-]
Completecat : Hi everybody @OtterStrongCup7[-]
JeffFunBoat : @Creative pesent[-]
NoahM1 : feed me
Bipe : Hungry food
Scarleteyes : im realy hungry now 😊
Dannyshortshoes : Y e s
La sin baguette : Trop trop beau
OtterStrongCup7 : @Jeff[-]
Hac907 : Yeah it look like garfield into a hambuger.
OtterStrongCup7 : Its me
Completecat : Me too
Completecat : Im awesome
Alex da boss : Your friend dudnt make it because it would say their name
Enchanterie : I think so
Crazykangalady : Same here @pigacorn[-]
Pigacorn : Its made of cow
Rainybow_Unicorn : how????!
Quacker-duck : No need to say something so mean. Also it’s really exquisite(beutiful).
Quacker-duck : That’s not nice!!
三5张采玥 : I'm SO like it
YaiC : Yes
Adventurous : Cool put it for sale
StarZombie : soo cool!
JakeHALL : ???
tree-Holly : Do you meen that
Rolof : Nye
MonkeyHappyTruck46 : Funny boi
Lavender girl ◑_◐ : Cool hamburger you got there !(^^)!
DestinyCookie : this shouldn't be for free, It's so good!
DiegoroPurple : Great
cpm4434 : can you give me createt please
cpm44 : your on my list for friends I will send you the best designs I like
New mag3000 : I will
Abby To : Can I eat it
DavidFancy : ........................o-o.".........?
Hija de capitana nucleos : 烟两个七丈又又必此吗可
sweetieSmartCup : I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT LOOKS GOOD NO SO GOOD! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AGNES cat : so amazing I LOVE it
rhiannach1 : cremative idea
zaraha : HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DID THIS BY YOUR SELF OR NOT BECAUSE IF YOU DID THIS BY YOUR SELF THEN.... HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW!!!!!!!!!! HOW!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s this is so amazing i dont know how you did this
malaky alattas2008 : I will gust say waaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooaoaoaoaoaooaow
cpm4434 : can you give me createt please
Hija de capitana nucleos : Thank for giving it free
Hija de capitana nucleos : God its amazing And it is a nice job
Alwaysthebest456 : Although, you shouldn’t be mean ;/
Room11zoe : I can do better
Hija de capitana nucleos : I love burgers they are amazing so your grade school
ClareFastCup : Awesome
BenBlueCup : Haha
Purple wing angel : Uummm..……………WOW
Scarewu : I know it,s free so I got your fantastic desien (also I boght it because I don,t have any money)
edwardStrong : jbugbibubygbh
cpm44 : yo sparky3D, your burger is dop man
LionCleverTruck76 : Holy god this is so good
zaraha : how did you come up with this ?
cpm4434 : thats insane i want to eat it but it mite eat me, cool burger
Sthaphanie13 : Cool!how did you make that
Super Sean : He will eat u
MonkeyClever68 : Awsome!
limis : Cool!!
S4m v4d0r : BURGER
Oscarz : Lol amazing
Bastien 3 : hello I am BASTIEN I would like to be your friend, I speak several languages, if you put fortnite or pokemon you will see the most of my construction
viviennewdash : Hmmm that makes me hungry
UnspeakableGaming135 : Wha...How did you do that...It looks so cool
dloller : thats awesome
cohen12 : OMG!!!!! this is cool!
me yay : don't be mean
Fast runner : Yum
dragonkindom180 : its cool
Alwaysthebest456 : Hahahahahahhahahahah! OMG, that’s crazy, it looks good to eat, but it tries to eat us? WHAT THE... CRAZY
Lollypoppins333 : zenda frans never heard that 1 before
trampoline2 : OMG!!!!
Nuff 27 : Funny!!!
Laylacasham : thats amazing
Maker : ewwwww ham buggger
zommmmmmmmbiiiiiiiieeeeeee : i wish i could eat it
Sofia Anderson-barrera : Lmao this is AMAZING HOW DID YOU DO IT WOW
nightslasherCool : Exuse me I'm Vegetarian..............
Emily pro2020 : That looks delicious
Colin10 : noice
Rena5675 : WOW cool
edwardStrong : vgvyvyfv
Audrey A : So cool!
Badgerkitten : Please see my win 100 coins design
Shinycat10 : Ive seen it
emilybarber : Thats Epic stuff dude! BD
WyattBalshaw : dub head his proble better then you
bigfatangybaby1 : so do i i totally agree
b3epBo0p : :o
cpm4434 : cool
TheGreatDevilKid9000 : Wha.............HOW
Jacob Baker 1 : Wjejwjjwwjj
NotableBling666 : ya yeet
MaxmellofanJRW : Yea don’t be cruel!
DavidFancy : But i love you sparky3d
ayesha 29 : Nice
ayesha 29 : Can i copy it
Super ohantom cat : Ugh! So scary! But you still did a VERY good job!
Ruby Skye Bailey : very good
Jake maker1 : I love burgers
Huguito123 : O gothnes
alexGreatJet9 : that is amazing good job
oliviach1 : i bought that
Room11zoe : Loololo.oolo Lolllolololol
Hija de capitana nucleos : Yes how not
MonkeySmartSofa1 : Great job!
VicrtoriaNor : I love that desin
akaiblackblood822 : YOU ARE HONGRY
Sanjana.Chandramohan : Dude! How do u make this!
Red-Kanari : HAHAHA A Burger Man , OH, It's so funny
FaizaKitty123 : How did. you make it
April2606 : I <3 that
mkkm583994 : i love it
thebestlion : wow!
Mal cat : Funny
Kitty catl : Funny
xv9 : follwo me & give too my all designs like and coment ( and you will take 15 coin ) .
Mohammedahmed95 : Suuse
DavisQuickHat : why?
Lilymoon : Wow...
LilGreatPencil : Wow it looks sooooo cool
HunterSeeker13 : Looks Like Somthing From A Cartoon.
MakerrekaM : Pls search camping baldi, first prize, and nintendo switch
OliverSO : Awesome sparky is Roland doing good?
wwtax27 : Thats lit
RobertC : He is stealing my friends design
901059618 : That is cool like so cool🤗🎉😂🤓😋😜😝😛🙃🙂😃😁😊😶😏😮
RobertC : Stop stealing my friends design
mahsa : this is funny
Eveln : شكلك مشتهيه
BrodieC6 : you have no life
xiatianze : fantastic
RobertC : Stop stealing my friends design
Taylah7 : yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum
Sam.lion : XD
OliverSO : Awesome sparky is Roland doing good?
wwtax27 : thats lit
32dss : чаал
JamesEv : looks scrumdidliumptious
MonkeyClever68 : This thing is like... THE COOLEST DESIGN IN THE TOP DESIGNS SECTION!
cpm4434 : how did you make that
Mastdan : You poo
maitha green pencil : خهةةةةةةةةةةفقمنبتتتتتتة زشوص4تهتهتهتهتهتهتهتهتهتهتهتهتهتهص344444444444444لبفققققققر بئمنءثت8لالعخ ريتنؤقا ؤرافتقسمكنبخهؤفقث ف تقكصشهخخخفكعلا هرءحنيةة\
رامح : اكرهك
Eveln : لالالالالالالالالالاللا
ajbitze1 : Rayman is dat you?
FishHappySock37 : Soicr
LeiPurpleSock : How?
Xzxz : Omg
nge91211 : Cool
coolcat : It looks so yummy
Super Farah : so nice
Mastdan : Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!
Dandoshe : Its so good
alyassi : متفيج
RobertCade : It
yashin : تل
OliverSO : Hey don't be mean
Gordon Wong : Like me please