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over 1 year ago

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Super sayain god goku : THATS FOR FREE
Bastien 3 : how do you do to be so famous ???
sara 👑 : ok good i like it
Thefastpandaa : Picture
BenBlueCup : Areeeeee coment down below is this weared
KrystalMagicShoe : Fgteev
Thefastpandaa : I bet thats a picture
Ines Lai : Really?
Eve Lacey : its the same as a nother one called wonderful ecepet the colours are allterd u are a cheater
karen hiway : terbil
Eve Lacey : was that for me?
Eve Lacey : but other people are saying that
unikitty emmy : that is rhys
unikitty emmy : excuse me rhys works for makers empire u could get insoooooo much trouble for saying that
Shinycat10 : Wait I know how you did this there’s a feature that you can copy this and paste it with your picture
CharlieYEETsport : not stuning at all
Nothing . : is that you?
abdullasultan : looks good
Sting ray : yeah y
Eve Lacey : yeah
eveisthebest : Gorgeuos.
Levin.Shao QVB : Looks Good
aureliagr : Wow is that me i kidding its not me
Rolof : Why
Rolof : What the beep is that thing
ellam5022 : oof
Charli2pBlueSock : Rhys, you’ve got my little brothers name. Also, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AliBlueCup8 : Wow
CrazyGamer#118 : ThatsGooddd
Hermionie granger02 : Did you make that? And also awsome!
Hija de capitana nucleos : Evelyn up a strange she's a woman rights right
sara.m.g : OMG
infinite girl : W......O......W!
Noodle cat48 : Coolllollllllllcooool
Jasmine and annabelle 0 : Who are you
Hackar : Who is that
Purrmaid : I looked at your desighns and you need to be aware that this is way better than your stuff im pretty shore you dont even try :/
Purrmaid : Boy if i hear you say beep one more time you in trouble
Purrmaid : Tmi
Alasa : This is amazing!
Sam@08 : Is that Ms.Diggs ?
DatPepe17 : T
DJSmartCup : You mean ali a
Emily 123 : So cool !!! How???
Maker : i love it you are beast art man
SHOUQ,7H,885 : @shaikha7H[-]
uniquegirl : nice
unigurll : omgg soo digsusting
Greta Feta : Cooooooooooooooooool!!,
Gachamaster : Creepy
MonkeySmartSofa1 : Wheeze, Gasp.
LeiPurpleSock : Stuning
Gx_Mystery : Its paisted
AudreySwimForLife : @AudreySwimForLife[-]
LilGreatPencil : This is amazing!!!!!!
mayasdash : Dont say that!
mayasdash : Mw three
Unah : Agreed
Ninjawillkillya : Thats so realistic
Brooke Aungst : That is an awesome work of art! I love the detail.
mayasdash : Yeah!
El Salvador : That looks like me....
El Salvador : I agree !!! Leave Rhys alone...he has done a good job!!!
unikitty emmy : That is not nice he is an artist
chloe orio : i am a kid
Alexmorgensoccerqueen : It picsulated it probably should not be a best deisin of all time we all can do that
Chloe hello : Me me too
Chloe hello : Wow
Chloe hello : That looks like my mom
mariam alameri : wowwwwwwwwww
Sam@08 : Yea
Fairy wing : What Mrs.Diggs in the fremont elimentry school in florence!
Alexmorgensoccerqueen : No no no what happend is she took that picture and tyen picsulated it. Duh
venZuxioS : HOW??!!
venZuxioS : How did you get level 50??!!
Chun feng shen : That person did not if he did it would tell the original maker
Angus0.6 : You are a copy cat
unikitty emmy : guys rhys is a guy
PaulCoolCup : Is that your mum???
Desertkoala : Flipflipflipflipflip
Pigacorn : All i. Can say is ...... u. Copied someone
IsaacF : Nice pitchure
Amber-rain : Who is that
Rabbit_Film1802 : How?????????????????????????????????????
Archiebalt : How did you make that
Bojinchen : How did you do it!?!?!?!?!?
Unicornlover842 : How just how on earth did he/she do it
unikitty emmy : Hey rhys
Chelsea.blue : Who is it
mia.2008 : really only asecond
Master luke : Ughghffgfggfgfgghffgffhggfghfgfghfghfggggfhgghggfgfgfgfggfxdhhgfvyghnhvwrvgwgwtvvtbhhhhhhhimemunumsjsjjwjjwkwkkwowoksjgsfejwjjejyfzaaaaaaasa
(STAFF)(ADMIN) : is this your face
Rhys : truly wondrous is me
Rhys : fantastic
Maddie.T : BTW Im Maddie t
PLCTest : I love it please can you send me a coppy
elina_disabled_case : That is so cool
EdwinArellano : i can do somethi g like this :P
Mckenzie bevan : Love your pics #cool
Kallan#8 : Good
Ameliab : NUMPTY
FaBiAn : Yo totaly awesome
Kallan#8 : Wow so amazing
Harmony2 : Hahahahahaaghhahahahahahaha you are wearing glasses
MajestyTheMajestic7 : WOW!! HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE???
llanuza1 : cool charlie it is suresh any way stop copying
Rebecca Li : You can just upload and image.
lpetkovic : Cool
FaBiAn : Yup
Master luke : Perfect
Basmala : wow cool
R.I.PxRiley : Who is the person anyway?
R.I.PxRiley : Thats what im wondering
R.I.PxRiley : A second and this is my othrer acount :3
room7rp : That is really stunning
room7rp : That is really stunning
Indie : Im speechless
Pfros7 : I dont want to be mean but at first i thought that was a girl
Oriella21 : Cool dude
ClarkCharlie : !@# lk%k^&*^%
Summer S. : That looks like my mom
Amber.L : Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh no way
blue.Marc : Respect it guys your going to make her feel bad any way good job
aidanflynn18 : Omg.
Rebecca Li : SERIOUSLY?! u just go to blocker and oress take photo and he simply took a selfie! Makers Empire turns it into a portrait. Rhys, aka SPAMMER
Tariana9 : Hey rhys i am Tariana in your class
Empire builder : So cool how did you do that
Joseph Gonzalez : U imported a image
A and R : 邊個黎呀!
A and R : 邊個黎呀!
A and R : 邊個黎呀!
A and R : 邊個黎呀!
PanDynia : wow
4rconw25 : Your amazing
MeiaY : Actually, that is just blockifying a picture, which is easy.
JamesEv : Wtf that is awesome!
Angelgirl : Cool dude
navidfa : nice
connork : awsome creation
amalia : Amazing
student22 : How did you make that?
Taylor Swift : Hey AWESOME BLOCKER
Noha123 : Wow
nohatest : nice
RobertCade : Love iiiiiiiit
Shaunre : mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
PatrickP : Wooooooo
louisglen : COOL
Blake K : Omg Thats the best thing ive seen yet AMAZING
RobertCade : Sweet
OliverSO : You find Rhys in year four? He is an adult.... he works in makers empire... so do I.. were buddys
RobertCade : What is it
RobertCade : Sure you are
user8 : Love it so much , who could even do that
Tilly9 : Lol ppl are asking u how u did it its a photo!(: but its nice anyways!(;
Tilly9 : Lol ppl are asking u how u did it its a photo!(: but its nice anyways!(;
OliverSO : I do
OliverSO : Stunnning, u joking right?
jacobf : I like this peice i think you could win a competition
Harmony2 : Hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhaahah more funnyier hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
PantelisN : Gabe newl
DamanpreetP : Cool
Ecosong : Nice
mrand577 : I know how he made he got too inport image. BUT STILL ... COOOOOL
Maddie.T : Are u at St martins catholic primary school and in yr4?!?!?!
Maddie.T : Awsome sauce