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10 months ago
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meera saeed 5B : super duper cuteeee
Alissa10 : Luvvv it
Stephanie6 : Nice!
LucyUwUe : Amazing
LionGrey19 : cuet
keene : so pritey
evieLog : beatiful i like so much
me yay : ya
afatima : i am definitely buying it
afatima : soo awesome
afatima : that is awes
Trielo : So cuteeeeeeee
EllaGreat5 : awesome love it
TheHappy4U : wow my friend is really talented how long did this take this should be put in real life MaMa MiA
DEADP00l : Good
TheMagicMalky : I’m very sorry but I worked very hard on this outfit and would like to make at least a little bit of profit off of it, I hope you understand! :)
Rainbow Unicorn Ocean : Make it free
KaidenFun : Cool
Rainbow Unicorn Ocean : Make. It free
SuperNovaTiger22 : So cool your really talented
me yay : i know right
Fuffy kitty : Beautiful
me yay : did you make it?
TheHappy4U : Omg so cute
me yay : btw i love love the outfit u have on
me yay : i actually understand (how do u do that?)
TheMagicMalky : I’ extremely sorry, but I have worked hard on this outfit so I would like profit off of it. I hope you understand. :)
me yay : can you please make it free
LucyUwUq : Cute!! And very cheap!! <3
rose love heart : aoooooooo cute
Elizabeth kitten : Such a good price
Elizabeth kitten : It is so cute i rilley want it
animefav190 : wait for now
Clrrox : Love
SaltySavannah : such a good price
Bad kid and cool kid : So cute I just wanna
TheHappy4U : lily was a little girl.
The bomb 118 : so cute
351dnl27 : omgosh thats my design and you made it less than what i had it for
LucyUwUowo : Is cute not cuet
Kitty catl : :3