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failed drawing, I tried to make a suit
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failed drawing, I tried to make a suit

5 months ago
I tried to make a 3d suit but failed, I am human no one is perfect

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KawaiiNBs : GRRRRR
Sadie summerore : correct
Sadie summerore : Don't be mean
Subzero THC : ewwwwww
Sadie summerore : noice :)
Subzero THC : hello @TicTt[-]
Kawaii_cupcake_09 : Hi TicTt can u please follow me i love your stuff i think its amazing!
Luna the beagle : make new desing
Luna the beagle : Hi can you follow me
Luna the beagle : Hi @TicTt[-]
Luna the beagle : Cool P.S Why you never use blocker
Shinycat10 : Thats pretty good i’d say myself
PuppySofa : Its good
lenar : nice
NinjaHero585 : That’s good
TicTt : I followed you before
TicTt : Sure
Tashtjcool : Hi TicTt could you please follow me!!
TicTt : All of my designs are in shaper
TicTt : Shaper
Brilliant Bella : did you use blocker or shaper
TicTt : Trying to mimic real picture
Brilliant Bella : Quick question how did you make your camera