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beef burger and ice tea..!
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beef burger and ice tea..!

5 months ago
Wanna eat together...?

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Jack stauber : Hi gabreala
Merina Waters : Okie dokie
AnatoleSmart : Mmmmm
Grouvy : You make me hungry :)
Gita.klein123 : Um well i sold my house for 6 and 4 coins and alot of ppl baught it and i made 33 coins when i had 0
TicTt : Thanks :))
TicTt : Thanks :))
AamnaGreat : Ddtrffewaz Rt
TicTt : Thanks :))
MidnightStar : its sort of cool but i dont like burgers or ice tea
TicTt : Thanks :))
LoveDove : Really?
PotatoCup : wow
TicTt : Hxhdhzj
TicTt : Hi
AamnaGreat : Wow
TicTt : Thanks :))
TicTt : Thanks :))
TicTt : Thanks :))
m7m : mlkfl,
TicTt : HhaJjshsh
TicTt : Mmmmm
m7m : hhff
TicTt : Thanks :))
SALAMA SAAD 3FFancy : [[[[[y[upyuppouy
Luna the beagle : I want to eat it!
om _100 : izjsjdjdjxncjjdjsjw83ue77dhxiishsisbzhsuwh27iwueiehdhd
aaaaaaa123241 : oi oooooooooooooujjuolgt l ito4 iu6 j3 ut3535 3 54476765
Khalifa 12345 : Good
TicTt : :)), I will try
TicTt : :))
JakeJet6 : Love it
TicTt : Follow me for more
Amy_12 : that's cool
TicTt : Folw me
Khalifa 12345 : Hi my name is khalifa
TicTt : Thanks :))
MidnightStar : but still really good
CashShoe : Hi
MidnightStar : Make an Otter
TicTt : Hi
MidnightStar : or a Guinea Pig
TicTt : Thanks :))
TicTt : Thanks :))
Coco.green : I do follow u
MidnightStar : how do you tag people
Brilliant Bella : How did you make that !!! WOW
sowht : Meee
sowht : Hhhh
TicTt : Thanks :))
TicTt : Thanks, follow me for more
TicTt : Hggggg
Spartcus0 : Wow
AamnaGreat : FsudytyhtjfibgpwnG.
Shinycat10 : Im sooo hungry now lol
PokemonMaster7 : Lemme eat it !
water.Hello! : Did you akso make the pizza?
Kawaii_cupcake_09 : How do u make them go on top of each other
@\/@ : It's not 'tee', it is 'tea'.
RafiSoko : I love your desig’
@\/@ : Gosh, peoples spelling these days!
Cute puppy dingo : how did you make that
MonkeyFast49 : cool
TicTt : Uuhgyuj
Khadoy SD : Lavle
TicTt : .
sowht : Oooo
Clara_letsparty : I love it!!! :D
elizagaming_66984 : im a big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TicTt : Thank you very much :D
Emerald Splash : Cool!!
RafiSoko : Your job is Makers Empires men??
RafiSoko : Design
JackBike8 : Yum!
sowht : Bbbb
MamamaFun : YYYUUUM!
Kawaii_cupcake_09 : How do u get those shapes
Brooklyn Lutze : Looks good if only it was real!
Shadow Wolfie : My bestie and i are looking at this together and we cant stop feeling so hungry Looks amazing espically to eat From Teia and Emmy
Kawaii_cupcake_09 : I followe you
sowht : Hhhh
Coco.green : Love the hamburger!
RafiSoko : I love this
adib tofik demon : it looks yummy
Abdulla Mohammed : Yam yam
Angel! : cool and yummy
latias_eats_a_peach : Woah thats a really cool build
TicTt : Yep, :))
sowht : Ll
TicTt : Yep, :))
TicTt : Thanks, thanks :))
TicTt : Thanks, Thanks :)))
TicTt : :))
TicTt : I made them, it's hard at first at then it's get easier by the time
TicTt : I will followed you back, thanks
TicTt : I do each piece separately then join them together and try to copy the pieces as much as I can, so it can be easier
TicTt : Thanks, thanks :))
TicTt : :))
TicTt : Have a nice meal l, 😋
TicTt : Yum, yum
TicTt : I followed you back :))
TicTt : Hi, thanks :))
TicTt : Enjoy your time, buddy :))
Footy YEET : Yes I would like to eat together
OmarHat6 : It made me hungry
Lil boiHat : Hello kiids i fart all day
BeckyStrongLog : Your making me hungry yum
sowht : Hoohooohooh
ghfgjmhf : like
162cra12 : Now Im hungry, its so good!
TicTt : Lol!
elizagaming_66984 : thanks guys you`ll are the best
kcjwkrwejfhwueTruck : HHHHHHHHH
sien.bein : that looks yummy !!! I like it !!
Saeedalkaabi78 : Grgendn
[pjkh,yb : N,,,,,,,MMNN.NM LK
Shinycat10 : Thank uuu ;)
elizagaming_66984 : maybe we can meet eachother one day and have a meeting
Layan imad : LOVE IT OMG
Makers Empire PRO : Cool man, very cool
Luna the beagle : Hi Can you help me you have lots off coins i have 1coin help give me 50 coins please
PuppySofa : Can i follow you
DogMagicCup9 : Dam
TylerHat : Nise
Footy YEET : Tasty
Karien warrior winner : This is amazing
Maker : I like the burger i even want to eat the screan!!
Doll girl fance : Nice amaz
ghfgjmhf : tank you
f14Book : tydj,ljhtjuttjghl, uipokj
FastCat7 : Please
FastCat7 : Donate
elizagaming_66984 : wow this makes me sooooo hungry but i love it😄😄😄😘😗
TicTt : Thank you too
TicTt : Nzhshshnjzhz
Merina Waters : I say thanks for requesting this, )0(whatever u request) then i say ur name.
TicTt : :)) enjoy
TicTt : Please do :)), I will follow you back
ata account : wow this is so cool how did u make this?:)
KhaliyahFun : Is this game fun
LoveDove : Wow! Looks delicious
soma loma : coool
ﻦﺖﻨﻴﻐﺗﺮﺘﺕﺆﻨﻳا : ubjhvjkhvb hiyghkgviuojhgilghkjjmhbkijnmbj,jhmgkj
JJFast3 : Yo man,Iloveu
lillyTruck : I wanna eat it pls give it to meeeeeeeeee
TicTt : You are cooler..!
Almaz900Green : انا احمد حمد
queso 1 : iwi2i kiwiwj jwuw72u2nwu1238 wjsnzbshznu2uauwz😇🎓💎💍👊👫👬😗😚😇😃👿😰😱🤕👹😨😩😬😱😧😲😧😞😼😻😹😸😺👴👨👧👧👦👨👨👩👩👩👦👦👦👨👨👺👺🙀😻ksiekeososlsodldldieodkdododkdmdi3kdoeododkdkdokjsieksi8eosoiwoeieoso8sieks983oskdi3o3k383oe382o2848485949755ojdnd8o494or9rir48r84i5i8848rko4o498r8tki48rke887474u474irueoakwowwoskwlwlle leopnduruii38idieieij228i3neie 1238 2u373ueiieiej ×1$437888 939393939393939 £3£#£'kdkdkdi39keididid i2i. 8272u2u3u3u3u3b. u2u2u2u2u2u j22ii2i22ii2iiuù and jueudidiejekeksisksk38nei ..iwusujjjijauwuuuwuwq11iuwu2i3i2ii2i2i2i22ik2i2k2i
Tavaris : Wassup bros
TicTt : Thanks thanks
Hermonie2 : Wow, How amazing
Ariana 3 : Sweet food YEAH
TicTt : Hi, there
Gita.klein123 : bro make it more money!
carter533483 : CAn i buy this
TicTt : To get money, make your art cost at least 1, so others can buy
TicTt : :))
TicTt : :))
TicTt : :))
TicTt : You are cooler :))
TicTt : Thanks :))
TicTt : I put the cost according to how many days did it take for me to do
TicTt : Thanks
Davisag823 : Looks so good
Gita.klein123 : Heyyyyyyyy
TicTt : You are cooler...!
Devilgurl : Wow that s amazing
edgyJe : my mom sniffs sugar though her nose
LOKAIS : btw it's spelt tea but still good
Pug Queen : WOW that is so cool
TicTt : Yum yum, num num...
TicTt : let's eat together... :p
TicTt : Hshhshxbdb
Cat2.0 : Cool dude
Makers Empire PRO : Hi.. can u pls give me tokens! I have 0!
Sadie summerore : Looks like its from in-and-out (It looks so good)
malak1234Blue : Nice❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
~TrÅsH~ : Wowie
Softballgirl : That is super cool!!!!
Merina Waters : Heyyyyyy im doing something where tell me what to make and ill tag u
DIEGOFast : Cool
CaliWaters : This is really cool!
joud bbb : no
malak1234Blue : How do you . Maket
Jasey321 : Wow you should ,make like chicken
aryia mia : I want to eat
Gita.klein123 : Text me on messages at 6462293310 its my real number and i will answer u
AllisonYay : Your house
Karien warrior winner : Cool i guess
CodyBlue : wow. So cool
Liv080508 : You make me hungry
CodyBlue : wow! so cool! I am so hungry now. I'm gonna get so fat if I eat such a big burger and soda