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5 months ago
It is really detailed and nice! Please check out my other designs!

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leela soong : I like it its amazing
Uni sarah lover cat : I love pianos can you tell me how did you do it???!!!!
Tomohiro2731 : Thanks!
Tomohiro2731 : It is a bit complicateds so I may not be able to tell you.
Tomohiro2731 : Yes!
Tomohiro2731 : Thanks!
xxxvegoldxxx : I play the piano and that is very detailed.
MarinB : How do you make that dat*
912bitza bo : You like music?
Lixerlovegirl : Oml HOW
TedGreyHat : awsome
Nouf s : I like your Piano
AnanyaGreatCup : ??How do you make it pls tell me ?
Svetlana7 : cool