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12 months ago
Hiiiiiii Just acording to the mission,Ha! You guys shoud check it out too!

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Unicorn Elim : Hey!
Avril E : Hey!
KAWAIIFashionista : I live in Australia and it’s bed time now
Cat Shiri : Well,KAWAIIFashionista,we are real sisters,but I’m just 15 and she’s...10..
Unicorn Elim : But I’m still gonna play makers empire for a while!
Unicorn Elim : My sister is eating breakfast so early...
Unicorn Elim : Yup we are..
Unicorn Elim : Its only 6:37 am
Unicorn Elim : Are you in your room?
KAWAIIFashionista : Are u guys ACTUALLY sisters
Unicorn Elim : Oh no!dont tell mum that i wake up and play makers empire!plsssss...
Unicorn Elim : Why are you wake up sis,
Unicorn Elim : Hey!
Unicorn Elim : Where do you live in and what time it is now in your place?
Unicorn Elim : Ok!
Cat Shiri : Hey sis!
KAWAIIFashionista : Carol as in a christmas carol
Unicorn Elim : Sure!
Unicorn Elim : Whats your real name,kawaii?
Unicorn Elim : I would love to!
KAWAIIFashionista : Is ur name elim? Can we be fwends? U can call me Kawaii for short