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Just a girl
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Just a girl

about 2 months ago
She is just a girl

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FEP1 : What is the feaM??????????
Circus Ringmaster : Even though it’s just a girl, she’s really cute!
louellach1 : I love that
littleelfroses : there both good
isaacmck : thats heaps cool!
queen vi vi : i love this design and all of your other designs too
Sarah.you2 : same
sajani.gc : It is so so beatiful i love it
EllaS1234 : VikingPrincessJazmine is better i use to think her designs are cool
Sarah.you2 : its si cute but sorry to say but your little cute person evenually has no nose
pcamaker01 : Wow how did you do that,!? Its so cute!!!!
Fun girl4 : Sooooo cute and i love cats and cute people
Laylacasham : Oh my god
vivianl103 : Can u buy my stuff? My goal is to get 200 coins. I need everyone to help!
KennedyKeepman : You are so so so talented
Emac05 : sell pls
twit~hwasa : Wht shape is the skirt
XxMoonlight_DrakexX : Its a beautiful girl!
Diamondbunny22 : That’s so cute!!! xoxo
Emac05 : It is so cute! I love it so much! This look is so good! I am breathless!
Lollypoppins333 : SO KAWAII! LOVE IT!!
AmandaGor : cute but I wish I could buy it tho
Fuzzle : This is Amazing you are so talented
WEleanor5Q : Love it
rileyjdash : You are like the most talented person in makers empire literlly:3
XxMoonlight_DrakexX : Meh Its Decent
Emily pro2020 : Just a amazing girl!!!!
jbennet : nice work