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2 months ago
From Mortal Instruments

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Emilee fay : PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SELL IT.🪀🪀🪀🪀🪀🪀🪀
unikitty emmy : Thanks
Fvfy : I love your work soooo much I wish I could buy it.It looks sooooo good like so good like I just soo good wright Me back
Dianna W : I like ti
UnicornClever6 : It might be your internet
Dianna W : Wow
KennedyKeepman : unicornclever6 i looked you up in this game and you have no looks that you made
KennedyKeepman : Sell sell sell sell sell!!!
UnicornClever6 : Press my person
joshuakrie : OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMG SO COOOL!!!!!!!!!
UnicornClever6 : Join my comp you can win
KennedyKeepman : What is a comp
KennedyKeepman : Please sell