Minecraft Squid
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Minecraft Squid

14 days ago
whats its problem? its just so blue!
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Demon(Charlie) : I love Minecraft too
Alex is awesome : Amazing
DiegoGreenTruck : Cool!
History guy : Mine craft
Miaisawesome : Hey i can see you love minecraft to i am really good at minecraft in survival i found so many diamonds i mined them all and i got a stack of diamonds
The Lamborghini Master (Veneno) : Awesome squid yo!!!!!!!!!!!!
FishFastSofa66 : Minecraft game is cool
Fvnuvnfufdhfjvdh vhdfj vh& : I seid hed mad fis
Thedevilcat : Me likey
Thedevilcat : Same here!
DogMagicCup9 : Lets go beach beach let get words,
william2011 : Like like like
william2011 : bike
william2011 : aaaaaaaaaaa like
william2011 : eu tenho o teu a nível de líquido
william2011 : like for me
william2011 : White Hart Lane fones iPhone 7 Plus self
william2011 : peças a Minecraft edition
william2011 : oooooo
Thedevilcat : Same
Thedevilcat : I play minecraft! I even have a youtube channel! This is soo cool but the price is to high for me.
The Warrior : Great job!
Miss H : Awsome the only game i play is minecraft
12th doctor : Pig you scare me. I know you have hacked one of mine
Llamaman : Same
Llamaman : Plz make cheaper
Chineesehpguy101 : Boiiiiii
Llamaman : Three words ibalisticsquid
Silver pearl : Cool
Pigacorn : Yasssss love it
De creeper : I play minecraft! Boi have I seen alot of dem squids!