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TinkerBell & Friends
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TinkerBell & Friends

11 days ago
Tinkerbells friends! + her sister ANDDD Terrance ;)

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902018552 : U DID SO MUCH
shaikhah 115 : so cute
mal evil girl : how can you do this?
farahfarafarah : i like it
Galexy star 02834 : Wow so cool
Mimi momo m : Lovly
Natalie meow : Where is tinker belle
UR_MOM : Dat cool,btw happy valentines day!! X3
Madog99 : me 99
lulucrazypot : ewwwww
mellyfazzo : OKIO
902018831 : Good
Maker : me 90000
Maker : me three
Maker : hi......
MIMII UwU : wow
OPALEE3MOCHI : ()_() 0k
TanuCool : Nice!
MouzaBook1 : Me too
greenwhale : صثصقف
greenwhale : صث
greenwhale : صث
greenwhale : ليش
Tomgirl22b21 : Cool*
Tomgirl22b21 : So sool
PrincesaHat : Popo
Lia G : Bien
BasketballPencil : Awsome
shoug2020 : wow
Sofia. com : I'am a Billionaire
TTvtoste : sorry ment to say somhing els
ME321 : Its wednesday my dudes LOL
aaaBike5 : hegd
Infinity6279 : this work is great! I love it!
Huntergirl : cool
Daniela07 : it really does
Huntergirl : cool
TTvtoste : i love fariy tales
almaxsangy : WOW * PUT BHOW YOU DOIT
Infinity6279 : this work is great! I love it!
1234567890Magic6 : love it brings back memories
noora omar aa : cooal
VikingPrincessJazmine : Thank you so much for your comment! I appreicate it alot :D
FELIPEBOOTIFULL : I love your art work is so wonderfull and all of your creative minds are just to amazing!
Lia Geraldine : Muy bien
haye horyo : mony5445475454.5568787789
haye horyo : jjjkdnhdfbjdasfgsdjksedbkjkjrkhdkgdkvj
s506616Hat : wowwwwwww
Lau Hoi Ching : Be nice
ME321 : Wowoowowowow these days
PrincesaHat : Popo
actualtyper : @actualtyper[-]
~WinterDays~ : Love this beutifui
shamma27 : واو
amna abdullah al balooshy 3-2 : WWWWWWWWWWWWWOW
ayahSofa : i gove it woOo
qweFast6 : يفل تتتالتتا
qweFast6 : يفةقخاعق لاخففقف
qweFast6 : ياكلب
qweFast6 : ساكلب
qweFast6 : ساتهحح0
qweFast6 : سج
qweFast6 : سg hjhdyfgfgfhg fgh fhfgdeddddthjygrtete
qweFast6 : سلبيب اا hgfgjghjgffddfffdf
qweFast6 : ستمحاع غه
qweFast6 : ساغفتعفغعغق عع
qweFast6 : س باغنءبق غغغ ن
qweFast6 : سببي للبيافق
qweFast6 : سيقعفلبلتاب اببرات
qweFast6 : سيقعفلبلاالبتةبازبؤتلا ى تالوة رتا نتستسث ىرتيىبتسي ناىرؤة ىلابلالابنقتافكسقغمن ىلارزلا ماىبل
ferHappy : eres ina tonta
shamooooooo : amazing wow
Lorette : Wow!
dragon lake : hhhhhhhh
Sportsqueen : So pretty! Love it sooo much! Keep up the great work
VikingPrincessJazmine : Thank you so much for your comment! Its Deeply Appreciated :)
VikingPrincessJazmine : Thank you for your comment! Oh yes it has been a while but finally done :) And Thank you so much :)
GreenKittys : Lol
JoudyStrong : woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
Marvolus mila : how just wow
Lau Hoi Ching : so cool
gabribolt : its inclible
f112_123 : YOU HAVE TO SILAT
VikingPrincessJazmine : Please Refrain From Using Any -Swearing -Altering Inappropriate words -Briefing swear words Please Use The Comment Section Appropriately Thank you, Have A Nice Day. -VikingPrincessJazmine
omgg\ : fk your set
kaiTSmart : nise
sumaya smart6 : nise
KKKE_22 : wow so cool
PrincesaFast : Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
Dark slayer : Cool
Milk_CookiesForLIFE : this is great and i have no idea how you did this
VikingPrincessJazmine : wow! thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment! I would be happy to veiw any of your creations, let me know if there is anything you want me to check out :D Have Fun creating and never stop with your hard work! -VikingPrincessJazmine
Lapis Azuli : its amazing!Please keep creating!You inspire me every time you make a creation.
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OPALEE3MOCHI : i will try to put that on my youtube channel
VikingPrincessJazmine : thank you so much! Oh yes same here, I should probably go back to the first movie, i miss them :D and your welcome! More character making is coming soon
Warior princess : Thats cool! That must of took a lot of time. I really like the Tinker Bell movies. It looks like them for sure!
keanwill4976 : agin how
mo77o : wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww
Aisha q : Wow its so good I Like it
OPALEE3MOCHI : I love how you made them
FaithSmart : i like how u've been making a bunch of chrarcters from different movies thxs!
FaithSmart : its almost been FOREVER since ive watched tinkerbell
Natalie meow : Its okay
JodieWhittaker : I loved tinkerbell when i was about 6! I should get it out and watch it sometime...
amna a 6d : wow
Audrey A : Love it!
VikingPrincessJazmine : Thank you so much! yes it did take much longer than usual, but finally its done! :D
Wolfy88 : Same!
Wolfy88 : Wow this must have took you a lot of time and patience! Love it!
evil13 : Awesome! I love tinker bell