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Skater boy
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Skater boy

13 days ago
Made by VPJ, a cool anime skater boy ^-^

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Alice5678 : I am a skater girl
dassy : Cool
317205Lake : wow
wonder joudi : goooooooood
Dayna27 : Omg ,l’m a skater girl!
7mdanko : Nice
Abdu.307 : Like And Following you .
Sports_Queen : Thta is soo cool
•Mia keep• : he looks like a skater boy And he cool!
Blueberry22 : Thats really cool
pepels is my : Cool or shod i say rad
VikingPrincessJazmine : I draw it :D
jackTruck75 : im mean? oh okay nice nice idc, im bad boy then shut up , also IM NOT HER MAMA OR PAPA TO COPY OKAY little kido
jackTruck75 : and who's you? her mom? go and find something to do little kido -_-
UnicornFROSTING : she is
Red deadFun : can you do luffy one piece
Lil biranna : (Wow)$$
015505Fast : Omg that is soooooo good
baby yoda3 : Ok skater
FaizaKitty123 : Wow!! Sooooo cool!
Mariyameemeh : Niceee!!!!
Superman321 : Ohhh!
Oreogemstar : Wowo
Chicken. : How did u make that jaz
Red-Kanari : SO COOL
302561 : hi