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The Viking Couple
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The Viking Couple

7 days ago
Originally created by VPJ, so from my vikings story as you know VPJ and VPH are a couple (fiction story=not real lol)

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paisley tidwell : It is very pretty
@mail.fcboe.org : SO CUTE
Sugarwaffle : aww so cuttteeeee
ariana the drawer : cute! i love it
302561 : VikingPrinseHaven
#MIMI2009-ME : eyo
902046050Strong : Wooohooo
(Pinky_2020) : @VikingPrincessJazmine[-]
parkjimin3lovely : How is VPH
Z2GirlHARRYPOTTER : Love it!
430034Cup : eyo
Dayna27 : Sweet
Meepkid : CUTE!
015505Fast : Omg that is soo cute
FaizaKitty123 : Awwwwwww soooo cute
MadeleineYe : Cute
emilyLog3 : Yup It it you
heidi the best : @VikingPrincessJazmine[-]
olliewk : Ooooooo
RAYAN_NINJA_GIRL !! : Awwww so so cute! ^w^
Rowanda : So sweet!
adella:3 : awwww :3
pepels is my : @VikingPrincessJazmine[-]
#REEM ALMANSOORI : aww i ship it
Sports_Queen : That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Lil biranna : Awww cute
•-Benny-• : Cute
~Moon_Chan~ : aww coot <3
Herch(hchrncr : CUTEE
rozy girl : cool
Ayshasara1 : Cute