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Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande

10 days ago
This is random, but hey here is ariana grande posing! :D

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MeliMimi : Wow so class
AnaStar : Yea i like it looks pretty
raven roro : i like ariana
YodaTruk : Ola uno de paquita la del barrio
Love is in de air : Cooooooooo
Ali_mali : Nice ur the best maker in makers empire everyone know that!
Powerispower2.0 : Oh wow!! You did SO AMAZING!!! I kinda wish you could teach me how you do that, because you are increadible, and you have extreme talemt!
unicornana : i love ariana soo much ♡♡
611435@.alef.com : i wanna copy pls cuss make it for free cuss if you make it for free i can copy
queenbee7 : i love ariana grande :
Angel123456780 : Cutee
Puglinson221s1 : Totally!
611435@.alef.com : my sis friend her name ariana grande she love pohnie tell and she was doing movei on dessny chanell her name was cat head haha her heir is red in the movei so much funny
ham!@ : moza
Supsocool : Hot
frost queenFancy : This is wonderful I wonder how you do all of this great things because I really wish I could be you and create all of this amazing creations. You must put a lot of work into all of your Creations because this is amazing
565119 565119 : i Love Ariana Grande :3
zxc#12344 : wow cool:)
787990 : she is the best
wadima nabil : i love Ariana Grande so mach
RainbowAleena : Cool awesome talent
RainbowAleena : Its really cool
FaizaKitty123 : Wow sooooo amazing plus I am a huge fan of her
6689Cool : nice how you do thes tis so Cool i love ti amazng anb how you do thes in Cool !!!! gere
Lion+unicorns : Ya i bet she would buy this even if it was like 1000 coins!
candy girl 12340 : pretty
Hunny bunnyHat : Wow its incredible
_MLouise11_ : That looks ~BEAUTIFUL~ viking princess jazmine. I admire all ur designs im ur biggest superfan. Hope u reply back ur Queen M
Lily 2011 : Nice i love it i think you are a Ariana Grande fan i have a question vikingprincessJaz can you make Kim kardashian please please please and i love your drawing.
Herch(hchrncr : CUTE
June2011 : It looks amazing i guss you are a ariana fan but can you make kendall jenner plz plz plz
Puglinson221s1 : Can u plz follow me. im following u and can u look at my degins. thx
Puglinson221s1 : WOW! if Ariana sore this, i bet you she would love!
unicornRed1 : yaaaa
Magic girlFast : I like it you speak espanish
@FashionCoin : I love it
_MLouise11_ : Thx so much for replying
VikingPrincessJazmine : Thank you very much i appreciate your comment :D hope you feel inspired ^-^
BlueberryMagic : wow that so cool
Liv_Ronnie : You are talented
29sophiab : You really are talented
29sophiab : Beautiful
Sportsqueen : Yasss! I love her so much! It looks great !
Malika236Great : Wowwowwow
candy girl 12340 : wow she looks like the video you made her :)
Darkwolf 246 : Love it
Hamood1711 : wonderful
Kevintheawesome : Awww so cool! Its so cute
A_229 : i love ARIANA SO MUCH!!
Charmaid : Your so talented!!!
unicornana : i think it will be cuter without the eyebrows ♡♡
Chloe Zamolo : I followed you
Chloe Zamolo : I lke it your very talented
Kitty catl : Awsome !!!
amandaLog : wow
Pikachu2Quick : Okie!
E jameela : i love ariana i love her song(7 rings)
Cool girl37 : She is a singer
Cxi : so good
Elliaea : Cuttee
GalaxyDragon : Cool!
LaeLaeOkay : So nice!
Preck ☆ : Wow
VikingPrincessJazmine : Thanks melanie ^-^
Ali_mali : Nice!
UnicornFROSTING : this is so pretty i love pink and the pose is nice :)
Pikachu2Quick : Who dat?
CatsGrey : Great job! I like her pose :)
LemonKat : Woooow
KateMcLean : BoOtIfUl