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Avator Sister Vote RESULTS!
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Avator Sister Vote RESULTS!

7 days ago
Here are the results from which avator sister gets chosen! Thanks 4 voting! Model will be made today!

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WithinDevil_evilness : I Chose you because blue was my favortite color and you deserved it VikingPrincessJazmine!
Jailbreak101 : Ohhh
JuIia : Haha :D
VikingPrincessJazmine : XD eeeee im taken by a non existing character lol
JuIia : Yay! I ship it already! XD
Gigglebox22 : My favorite color is blue, so I chose VikingPrincessJazmine.
VikingPrincessJazmine : The official couple model has already been made, check out “The viking Couple” thanks everyone! :D
VikingPrincessJazmine : Thanks! I didnt expect to win, i thought it would be my characters murphy :0
VikingPrincessJazmine : Oh lol i thought i missed something for a second phew ^.^
sydney34 : Jk mine was you
Gigglebox22 : Yay! I chose You! And you won!
sydney34 : But didnt you get mine mine was vikingprincessmurphy