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Fashionista girl full look (FREE)
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Fashionista girl full look (FREE)

13 days ago
A free creation originally made by VPJ, a full fashionista outfit

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Coconut ciutty : it looks so Buetiful!
Piggyfan : Makes sure to fallow vikingprincess and keep up te good work
Asail Edhah 123 Jet CoolCool : wow wow wow wow wow wow Thankys you soo matshe
kingomar8900 : Hi :P VPJ
prettylil : thanks you for te free disine love you
lionlove13136 : So cool!
LuisDC : fv ;'f.;bkhltg,lp -6
LuisDC : '
902022272 : Lolllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!
Banna kid : Soooo cute
sryChair : حلوباس النضرات
902022272 : Your wel ome
mayarCup9 : هههههههههههه
ahmed saifSock : wow so cool
baby yoda3 : Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
mayarCup9 : هههههههههههه
mr.sa : Omg
902022272 : Nice this so cute
aleyna2cmPurple : Sooo adorable!!
Broman13 : Cool
Ice cream queens♥️ : It is so cute i like the popey i well put for you follow
Ice cream queens♥️ : يا جماعا
Ice cream queens♥️ : يا جماعا
TIKTOK GIRLE : wowo nice
red day : OMG I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachelpink : thnx u now u put stuff for free
Memewitch24 : @VikingPrincessJazmine[-] you made a one of a kind design
ada2414 : This is so cool and it is free!
OllieBook4 : Your tje coooooooolest
royal girl : it looks great
@FashionCoin : Its so cute the cat ;)
THE KING IS : cool
Amna sock : Woow
kingomar8900 : Awesome VPJ you are a Legend :D
Vikingprincesssaturn : Hi im a fan btw im satsuna aka vikingprincesssatsuna if u mind my name :))
Coolﻳﺮﻤﻟا : ابحرم
Summer.green : Soo cool
Chicken. : Hello jaZ
Herch(hchrncr : I PLAY ROBLOX
Yuma24 : Coll
al7lwa_wdoo79 : ewwwwwwwwwwwww
Anjelica06 : Plz follow me
Anjelica06 : Oh
HiHat84 : Woooooooooow
Khokha_2020 : helloo, how r u ?? ur soo cool, i love itt !!!!!!!!!!
lionlove13136 : Nice
tilly12 : I love it
ariana the drawer : can we be frinds
ariana the drawer : i like it so much
yasmineCool : Soooooo coooool
UltraPrinz : Wow
902046050Strong : Hi Jazmine Did you play my Maze
little. smart. sally. gifts : im subscribed to ur YouTube channel
Aqurius janey : I like!
bubblesSmart : Hey Jazmine, I follow you already and I am a huge fan,can you look at my designs too?Hope we can be friends
Blueberry22 : You are amazing
CL0WNT0WN- : she looks like a rich and strict step-mom :>
593835Quick : thank you
paisley tidwell : Super pretty
Christyncrystle : I Think It A REALLY Strict MOTHER
Hifancy9cute : I love you soooo much i love your vids toooooo!!!
Hifancy9cute : @VikingPrincessJazmine[-]
Raffy C : Its said like “make it” not maket! (ò_ó)
Awsome kitty cat : Are you a youtuber
Sports_Queen : Hi can we be friends i am sooo sorry for everything
Alissa10 : W0W
stuf2013003056 : wow i love it
Turboquick : Yes please
(Pinky_2020) : Cool
TS2020Smart : That is lovely
H A K E R boy : please we need boy skin please
newscappro : wow did you maket
VIPRose41 : Love it
Snoozysloth : Love it
omar5Quick : amazing