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(Mini romantic story) Love on aisle 6
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(Mini romantic story) Love on aisle 6

10 days ago
(Shopping love story) Look for my comment of the mini story in the comments section :D

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shamma abdulla 7 : awww lovely
Wowtopia : Lots of words. Check your spelling (i am being a teacher aren’t i lol).
UnicornFROSTING : awwwwww i hope they meet again it was cute love story jaz!
frxx_x11 : love wow
AbdullaRFN : cool and wonderful and nice an awesome and what ever LOL>>>
ham!@ : lovely kis
Luna2468 : Awww dis makes me feel single TwT
Puglinson221s1 : What do u mean??
KatieKat07 : Aww so cute
Preck ☆ : Yeh
Harper crown : wow i l;ove your style
zxc#12344 : aw cool!
Sportsqueen : So cute! Great job!
Elliaea : Aww!
NormitaClever : Aww, so cute
LaeLaeOkay : I would lovd for this to happen to me T-T no one loves me in my class
VikingPrincessJazmine : I have no comment XD
HelpJet : Wow nice jazmine!
Kevintheawesome : I know right
Bubblie : Love is a beautiful thing
lina_mbc : ooh cute
Queen pariyna : Love it!
Marvolus mila : Soooooooooo cool
JuIia : The girl looks a lot like you! :o
Ali_mali : Nice!