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Miraculous ladybug items view
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Miraculous ladybug items view

4 days ago
Originally created by VPJ, i have made some miraculous items! This is full view! Check out store for items :)

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Hailey Tang : That is very creative! I am following you
Charlotte chung : Yes! You made it
joudybrave : yes
Iil gangster : This is raelly gooood
bubbles_ninja : that is really good
badbhi mia : Yesss i love this
Hifancy9cute : Can you plz make a oven to finish off my outfit plzzzz?
XxCloudyXx : Make sure to sub to vikingprincessjazmin on Youtube:)
Trinnyfennekin : U know what? I think i might chang my mind about u. I love ur designs!
Trinnyfennekin : U know what? I think i might chang my mind about u. I love ur designs!
abdulaiz165 : nice work
Puppydoglake : Cool
Zara.F : How do you make that
Elliaea : Wow cool
Cjexterminator3 : Yes she is
kaikier123 : yes thx so much
lsswim33 : uge
PARIS LOVER : what happened
iiSunsetVibesii : SAME i agree too
VIPRose41 : woooow
Chloe Zamolo : can you pls make a outfit
Chloe Zamolo : i agree
#Norris nuts : Yay tysm
rozy girl : Cool
THStrong : Coooooooooooooool
smellmyfarts44 : This is so underrated your designs are bootiful!
Angela Li : i followed you jasmine!
Freddy_FromFNAAF : I love Miraculous Ladybug! I used to watch it when i was 3 years old!
VikingPrincessJazmine : Thank you :D
PomeranianPuppy : wooooooow
Snoozysloth : WOW
candy girl 12340 : thats pretty nice !
baby yoda3 : Well these kids get impressed im going to be here
baby yoda3 : Cool
UnicornFROSTING : jazmine you are the best girl ever!
Catblas123 : 'O'
Jude@nutella : Woooooooow you are amazin’