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VPJ Productions
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VPJ Productions

5 days ago
Originally designed by VPJ, icon that represents VPJ Productions on my Yt channel ^-^

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#CoolGirlof2020 : Catch ya on roblox
#CoolGirlof2020 : Im sucha fan of yours VPJ! I love your YouTube videos!
Lavender_Kay : Grea job on your logo Vpj!! So creative
Que41 : I love it
candy girl 12340 : @vikingprincessjazmine[-]
RoseyRose123 : hiiii
RoseyRose123 : please answer me
Savagegirl2740 : i really like your youtube channel! i am a fan, can i pretty please get a shoutout? i like the new series, btw!
VikingPrincessJazmine : Thank you! Im glad you are enjoying them! :D
Lunarxse : Wow what is ur ht channel name ima sub
Jo kwi : Cool :)
candy girl 12340 : do u mind if i made a gacha life mini movie inspired by suddenly a star the roblox movie u made ?
Jude@nutella : Coooooooool
candy girl 12340 : wow i adore your yt channel the movies you make are so helpful they teach us lessons and at the same time there really fun to watch keep it up
@noyou : Can you make Episodes
baby yoda3 : Cool
xXStrawberry_MilkXx : Can you make a gown?
Rowanda : Nice!I watched some.
Elliaea : Cooll