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Who are we in this world?
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Who are we in this world?

13 days ago
I kind of look or read or watch how people act which makes me think, who are we in this world?

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@Gamer wolf@ : Good job
CittyHap : So true @VikingPrincessJazmine[-]
baby yoda3 : Ya hehehheehhhahahahha
Lemon150 : #BananaClan
Lemon150 : lol
430034Cup : eyo
Y0U5EF_2006 : talk
Y0U5EF_2006 : wow that was amezing
Dayna27 : I can relate
Yellow_Hearts : Its soo insparational for some reason
Pandagray58 : Cool it's very deep
Thelastguest1990 : Wow @VikingPrincessJazmine[-]
baby yoda3 : Im not i think im bullieing myself im a banana
baby yoda soda : What a way with words
FaizaKitty123 : Wow!!! @VikingPrincessJazmine[-] you should start writing stories on maker empire!
hoo_mannumber3 : When i first tapped on i thought it
Queen pariyna : Yes!:)
baby yoda3 : Cool who has done that there pretty cooo cooo in the head and im a banana
Snoozysloth : This is the best post that was ever made and im serious
pepels is my : Sorry i mean VPJ
pepels is my : Breathtaking good job JPJ
pepels is my : Yeah
Eva! : That’s DEEP
Que41 : True.
EllaS1234 : Thx that was really touching and ur right u always are u r my hero V.P.J
SnowyWolf31 : This reminds me of how I’ve been acting... Thank you for reminding me how I should act and not act! You are truly a life changer in an awesome way! Thank you for this.
Sports_Queen : So right
#MIMI2009-ME : ME TO
Fam bright girl : That true
s404554 : its amazing 0-0 VPJ your words touched my heart :)
PandaGirl* : I am a good person
smellmyfarts44 : so right
lina_mbc : good words
Maker : This is a great message to this world.
mouza saif cute : wow good
Izzy123Cool : Touching. Sooooo touching!
Izzy123Cool : I love that is so inspiring!
Cool.life.with.DARKA!!!! : Inspirational
King of Enchancia : Wow !! I like it :)
hamomo : yes that correct