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over 1 year ago

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macarena : tegustan los pokemon mifab orito es pichu picachu es su ebolusion
Ianma1 : Best
Ivy Angel1234 : POKAMON ROCKS
Vivian2w : Cute!
Supermicheal : Its Super Super DUPER Cute! ^_^
ImaniB : I love ti soooo cute
Pigacorn : Pi Pica Pika Pikachu
room21ic : You copied that! but...still cute!
Gwyneth 83 : Cool
Willis : Every one is obsesed with Pikachu! Mi tink cose of pokemon go
cmoss34 : Pikachu is my favorite
book-nick : AWESOME
Paige7 : that is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
MarcusB5g : My name is MarcusB5g and can you please like my Dabbing Man design
Willis : Pikachu is my favorite pokémon!
Mario-book : I love the pikachu you must be a master at this
Elijah-dark : Guys its a PHOTO
JamieDG21 : Brbehwjjsj
JamieDG21 : Hi
Gwyneth 83 : It's so easy to make
Jackson1234 : Very cool!!!!!!
Gwyneth 83 : Adorbs
xTIGERx : I love Pikachu !!!
Haymitch : Yeah
Haymitch : Yup
יעני ע"י : Nir@shilonis.co w
Master luke : Wow
Gwyneth 83 : Omg
Mario-book : I love the pikachu you must be a master at this
Mario-book : I love the pikachu you must be a master at this
lpetkovic : Adorbs!
Fraser25 : Its so so gay
wings.Rain.Password.night : Peeeeeeeeekaaaaaachhhhhhuuuuuuuuu
water-Brooklyn : Looks cool bro
Supermicheal : Yea
Amber19 : it's Pikachu
purple-Casey : 十分滿意u
boat-tayl.mart : I love it taylah martin M3
Ryan2r : Set a price
Ryan2r : Super cool dude
MIAPinky : This looks so awesome and cute
Ryan2r : O
Ryan2r : O
Ryan2r : L
kyakota : I LOVE POKÉMON
SaraBlueSofa : Where is the pikachu
mvillalobos400 : OMG ! I LOVE PIKACHU FROM POKEMON ! look at him hes super cute ! :)
Anarth.Megavannan : Imported photo
Ryan2r : jest given more comments
amelia1 : Cute!
Izzy fluff : I love pikachu
Ogb : Wow
mariateal2006 : Awsome
Crazykangalady : Oømy
Willow tree : Huh?
SaraBlueSofa : Where is the pikachu
LETICIA SADIK : Mry(tuguyjnngjgk6999
LETICIA SADIK : Iuhkjbe ihuf huiorheuofmkijijdijnd
JCH : Awww sooooo cute!
Flykid : You did not make it but is great man
Elijah-dark : HE TOOK A PHOTO
Mimi-boat : That is sooo cute
Ryan2r : .
room7rp : Great
room21ic : Adorable
Ryan2r : The best :):)
Ryan2r : Set a price
Max.shoe4 : Nice pickachu!!!!!!
Laverdure : I love pickachu I also am a pokemon fan myself!
Kiki -Roo : awww
Makayla sasvi : I prfr charazud
Indspr : I love you hwo and how did you make that I really like pikachu I will have well copy it
Amber-rain : Nice pikachu
blue-gia : I love
blue-gia : b
blue-gia : I l
Dbozin26 : Lov it
Wajeeh : You
Wajeeh : You got it feom the internet
AmiraQuickCheetah : Its sooo cute
sarah.tan16 : I like Pikachu
Smudge fatter catter : Cccccaaaaasaauuuuuuuuutttttteeeeeeeee
lighninglink : its pikapi
Sarah phung : Cool!
Morgan H : Sooo this is just pikachu and it gets soooo many likes ( im not being rude about it ) its just a pikachu and its sooo easy to do it
Shelly.Chen : Can people stop taking
Marvel girl : Sweet pokemon
Marvel girl : What is your name pokemon fan
ashley.hassett : haymy ayeg8uih3675y6u9ob6yu
addis : omg omg omg omg ogm gomg omg omg omg omg
Unicorncake : Is this vincent zatidias because I’m in his class with miss Jaz its me rylan
Disara : Its a photo
Moonlight Wolf : he in yo class? lucky
JodieWhittaker : Oh good god what happened Aaaaaaa Dark picachu
Rodblox : Love it
Jayden Ko -_- : Great
A5G8 : Cute!
Tdarbon : UMMMM HOW
sydegg : Wow!It has been 2 years seince you made that!
macarena : que lindo tegustan
ReneeFunShoe : I hate pickachu
kk1234 : cool pika pika chu
JeffFunBoat : @Rhys[-]
Rolof : Pikachu i choose you!!!!
EllaFancyChair : Clkjh
DenizHappySock : Nice but i know you used photos
FlofyQuickCup : Minioknokbokbomboj
Gwyneth 83 : Adorable creature
G07 : nthfnthnt
PaulCoolCup : Wow
lele100 : veeeeerrrrrrry baaaaaaaaaàd
Maker : Who play pokemon
xxxvegoldxxx : It is very cute, Vince.Z
Antonio-duck : Make all of the arts free everyone please put a thumbs up and youll have a chance to win a $100 Intencity/EB games store card.
edenman : COOL!!!!!
FlofyQuickCup : Ssssssssss
Tygrn : What is this picture about like who is it is it with Pikachu because that’s what he looks like
Fireyhour878 : cool
Alasa : Super cool!
Zayneb : Nice
Benjman1 : Cool
oter 34 : hhhhhhh no amzenf
JhgCoolTruck : 89*34&;*+34’gofnvlerjifovvlrjeiflnljrhklvjkrf8(*))($($((&(&
JhgCoolTruck : (&/=//*(=*=/=//*((=&*/&*((&&(&((&*((*=(
JhgCoolTruck : (=(=/&(&
JhgCoolTruck : $&)(=/$&=/$&&(&/&/&/&/&&&&&&&$$$$((()*(*)
Thedevilcat : نينيخيويتيني
Thedevilcat : To true
Thedevilcat : Its picachu, not a creacher
Thedevilcat : Oh yeah? Than stop haking my acount.
Crazykangalady : ##s####################
MagicGreenBoatRedSofa : (;))()($!!?!??,?,)()($($($)$)!?!,!?!??!)$)$)$)&$))!!)'hhlhkhmhmhjhjhm
MatiasPurplePencil : En coku juego
FishFunBike68 : pickachu!
Reese Hissey : love it
BraedonB : Good picachu
Gwyneth 83 : Cute and adorable creation. It looks so realistic!
Simone- shae : cool\
G07 : nbh,klnbm,knbhklb
G07 : njmnj
AmiraQuickCheetah : Its sooooooooo cute well done
FlofyQuickCup : Aaaaas
i...XxYJYiYJYxX...i : amazing job
Master mark : Cool
Crazykangalady : Iqgdsjwopjqwddbkpjwefdjpobwefbkj Wdsdfqwdedkob Dfoibpekb Owdefkob Fwedbko Wdfewfdek Mowdefwedf Kmodewfwdfepojifwerpjoifwerpjoiwfepjoiwedfbjpowefdojpbwfedbpjowefdobpjedvbpojwefvpobjevfwbpojwefvbpjkbpjkwefvpjbkwefvpbkjwfvdbkkpwdvfpbkjwdfvpjbkwefvjbpkwfevjpbkwefvpjkbwefvbjkpwevfbjpkwefvpbjkfewvpbjkewfvbpjkefvwpbkjwevfpbjkefpbkjvwevfbpjkwvefpkbjewvfkpbjwevfpkbjpkjfbwevjwvkbpfejkpbfvwebpjkwfevkjbpwvfepbjkfwvebpkkf Eheheehehehe- no
Leila rankmore : What?
MakerrekaM : Um wear did it go
Maker : WOW!!!!!!!!
JanitGreenSock : Good job???
Z@ : abo daa
sadia c : what is this
A and R : Ok,不錯,但可以參考plkcjy33的比卡超
JakeHALL : D fwrcwfashxbxheihssbhzzhdbedhdbhreuzhxysbsyshsysuzyzhshdjxszjsjwpsjsoajsososisbdhdhdjdjdjdbdejsjsjsjsuusyysshzbbdbxbxbxbdhisieowozlsjsdbdhhdhdhddhhddhdhdhhdshzhzhhdbbx. S. Es s. S. S s w w w. Shebshsuhahshhshshshshshhsjjsjsjsjsjsjssss Sisuhshehehhdqhdd
sadia c : nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn688
LillyPurpleSofa : Were is the art
zelliott : #Mimichu
LeiPurpleSock : Where is picach
roses_UAE : i agree
QueenKamaniSlays : Great work @Vince.Z[-]
OH BOY : kjsdbifsebfwkesefsefsefsesefs
Brookierocks eveyday : 卉木个人物了……人的故事一样长久地在原地徘徊的时间表。出去吃饭吧……
henryHappyCup : How is that picacu
henryHappyCup : How is that picachu
purplefairyfarmer : what the
roses_UAE : visit my account please i just posted a new creation
gt999 : 000000
Brookierocks eveyday : RIjfjdjsemjjykhhntbyniovkkkgktiigiyyhkukkyihykhiigijvyfcgcfvmhfthfhgfhgfhght4gghd7*y*4/&=jb6&ngc$#6dwj6j/刀砍下全场比赛的胜者组的时候是一部手机就可以用来做面膜啦、,
Farahappylog : Pika chu
Tyler.Boyd : Where?
Eviery : why is pikachu covered in black???????????
UnicornGreenTruck : Me too.
Nitya.chanda : Super bad!
Eviery : yeah, but it covered with black (-_-)
kokata : ayo not oky
mps160011 : Sorry :(
mps160011 : Super dooper. Bad how is it popular :(
xshewmake : guys dont b mean to this guy
ODDIESJ028 : Why the black stuff?
FishMagicBike12 : ???????????????????????
LilGreatPencil : I love it and to anyone who is reading this if you tapp on it you can actully see it
mr charlie : yah
Maxwell.Chen : Weird
vaningend : Then why did u like it!!
KleptoCats : I KNOW!! HOW IS THAT A PIKACHU!!! I saw a coment saying Picachu
JaidenAnimations : Evil-Chu
KleptoCats : How is that a pikachu???
Amagill : What the heck is it?
Crystal M : Galaxy
Itsyagirl : Watch mines is better
vaningend : pikachu is like covered in black!
Cheeta800 : Pikachu
Obi Wan Kanobi! : dont be mean
KleptoCats : It doesent look like a pikachu!!!
Mapfao-shoe : Where is the pikachu
dalmouj : f you t series
vaningend : lame
.+*Lucky*+. : *ask kindly* why is pikachu dark?
vaningend : how did this get any likes?
Hansolover : that is a baadddd word
Boss banana : Boo
Hansolover : whhhaaattt???
GracieCool : what??? There is NO pic!?
Hansolover : ??????????? Make A Design!!!! You can do it!!!!!!! This is in the top designs column
Jasmine and annabelle 0 : Where pikachu.?
vaningend : Nope
Jgirlcool : Thereisnopikachu?!?!?!
vaningend : Yeah
Murchy15 : bro where the hell is pikachu?
EbonyP : hmph
EbonyP : its great
Hansolover : view it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MadeleineHappyLog : There is, you have to view it
Hansolover : hi! touch my picture tap designs and search win prizes and read the description you could win
R Lani Baker : Go follow me on Makers Empire my name is R Lani Baker
LevinGreatTruck1 : What is this?Darky Pikachu?
Hija de capitana nucleos : Is picachu evil :/
SamKea : no no no
spencerw : not picachu
salwa23 : how on Earth is this one of the best designs and it's all black?
Ultra mega : subscribe to me SEARCH AYDIN NIGJEH
trainsClever : WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iron manFancyShoe : Good god i am def! Is that dark pikachu
Super ohantom cat : There's no pikachu!
of27 : hfykru
yashka2sg : You have to put somthing on it!
D@N13l : wot is this
khalid cool 1231 : ar you crazy
of27 : jfhfifdj gjd
AlmahaCool : what
Oreo12 : What is this? Why?
Laylacasham : litterly.... were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colin10 : worst thing in the world how is it in the best thing in the world
gigii_3214 : hello
Levipizza : cool
BrockSock : aaaaaaaaa! you!
br1900axel : Put something on it!
Laylacasham : were is pikachu?!?!
Bastien 3 : how do you do to be so famous ???