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making cards for friend
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making cards for friend

8 months ago
because its cute

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ariana love : it looks like my heart!!!! #supercute
UnicornFan76 : that is bootiful
N O O B : They don7t lo0k liek m3 tho
Bat Girl Great Jet : I Love it
MALAK EMAD : I love it but it is so expensive
Reemkhalfan570625 : reemkhalfan
queenbee41683 : i agreee
70hamed : no nasw
snowflake bunny : amazing
Saggy09 : ahh theres floating arms
Anna SGreen : mate that's really cooooool
youtube9099 : that is awsome
Hfikjudsbhg : lol roblox hand but its cool
haila232Boat : good wow
Galexy star 02834 : ow wow i like how you did roblox hands can u friend me on roblox
watermolen : thx
Cool Crystal's Cave : Wow that is so cool!
gilbruh : roblox hands cool
braydabeast : nice work
saeed khalfan3311 : saeeduae
sana&hamid : nice card and hand!
.Angela : wow good job!
Miussa : wow so cool
wil0033 : some one have that so cool
destiny.v : @ayy.desti[-]
laloCoo : nice
watermolen : ok
Dman2098! : Happy new year bro
Anna SGreen : what made you make it?
kate ryder : pretty good!
AhmedLake15 : WoW good job!