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6 months ago
Looking for member

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wolfie 0911 : Phipllipines
SaraBlueSofa : From where u are
sarax._ : she live in UAE Iam from astrailia in UAE and palastine
Unicorn kitty princess : And i think wolfie is in other country because she is in UAE and how i know that because im wolfie just in a new acount but i will go back to the wolfie acount
Unicorn kitty princess : I think its full but i think you have to comment to tell her how to join or she will make a new one
GirlGenius : have you heard the phipllipine mythical creatures rap? Im not sure if its okay to do that!
GirlGenius : how can you be a member?
sarax._ : Wow
SaraBlueSofa : Oooo
wolfie 0911 : Phipllipines
SaraBlueSofa : Oh cute