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about 1 month ago

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sarax._ : Why Unicorn sweet girl IAm not your frienddddd
Unicorn kitty princess : Unicorn sweet girl she will add you
sarax._ : sure
wolfie 0911 : Sarax can you go to your sarabluesofa acount please
Unicorn sweet girl : Me ytoo
sarax._ : yes in my new acount
Unicorn sweet girl : Yes we can !!!!! Why did int u put me down for
Unicorn kitty princess : Your sarabluesofa?
sarax._ : Iam sara blue sofa
sarax._ : thx because I/?.
wolfie 0911 : Sure and i will follow you
sarax._ : thx can we be friends
wolfie 0911 : Your cool and cute
sarax._ : cool and cute