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No bully zone
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No bully zone

11 months ago
This is a no bully zone

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The Traveler : You totally have a message! NO BULLY ZONE!!!
sarax._ : cool but are they realy these brats bully u
L@r@ : Thank u sarah x
Ever after high : Wow but only turn it over and remove the blue square
Ever after high : You can see it in my designs
Ever after high : Woooow Omg
sarax._ : hi
L@r@ : You are a litteral ledgend and it is good that you are against bullying. I get bullied to
sarax._ : what I get bullide too:(
WolfieMagicBike : I am not a bully @SaraBlueSofa[-]
MaxmellofanJRW : That has a great message!
Purple katty : wow what. brati. people
Wofiemagicgirl : Am I a bully to u @sarax._[-]
cutenessFancySofa : what type of person are you
sarax._ : same u