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Wolfie and lenay lovers team
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Wolfie and lenay lovers team

8 months ago
I made this for lenay and sarabluesofa and bannaq and little princess and spider 09

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WolfieMagicBike : You designs are amazing anyway!
WolfieMagicBike : Can you add me and I will add u but how do I add u on to it!!!!!!!!
WolfieMagicBike : Samae fav
GirlGenius : wow, can I be in your lover team? pretty please? i need a friend in Makers Empire?
Ever after high : Me too
wolfie 0911 : I add my classmate too
Ever after high : Can you add me Any way your designs are amazing
sarax._ : I can be your friend!
Unicorn sweet girl : This is amazig wolfie 0911
SaraBlueSofa : I love your designs @wolfie 0911[-]
wolfie 0911 : Anyways congrats to those who were able to jion
wolfie 0911 : Im going to add lenay
spider 09 : How you do dat
wolfie 0911 : Because your my frist person on comments thats why i was gonna add you
SaraBlueSofa : But pls add me
SaraBlueSofa : U are nice do u have WhatsApp
SaraBlueSofa : Oh thx hunny
wolfie 0911 : And your desings are super cool
SaraBlueSofa : Oh thx
wolfie 0911 : Oh by the way i was gonna add you
wolfie 0911 : This was my favorite
wolfie 0911 : Thx