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about 2 months ago
He died for our sins

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purpletiger.com : U had to make this
FishFastLog85 : (* *#
lukeluke : Like straight away i wuv jesus he is amazing gg and i bough ur creation great job
Lilly-may1234 : Yeahhhhhh bioooo
teddy bear FastLake : im not sure if i beleive i him or not but im liking it any way because its a good build!
AzulHappyTruck : Infinite likes
Lilohorses101 : Please follow me I am 100% christian!
bakith2003 : Nice
Maxomgwu : cool
MonkeyBoat11 : i dont love him and dont care if he died , i dont belive in him and pray i only pray to the real god allah not papa jesus
Ava_Grace : But i still like him
Ava_Grace : What is it with jesus
LordOfBlazingIce : I luv jesus
Lalu1234 : i Luve jesis bye
Lalu1234 : Hi
Ava W : I love him
Emmy 9.13 : I did,t mean u sword man i mean jesus
Black devil girl : Allways pray
Xgamer : I looooove jeeeeesususus
Falc : Jesus died for all
Xgamer : Likeeeee
Joethe : And i love jesus
Joethe : I just liked it cuz why not
cool pool : If you want to affendend someone sure
Cute kitten : But know one is going to buy it it’s too expensive
Cute kitten : It’s sweet!
Amber02 : Because he died for us :)
Amber02 : I will like.
Wofiemagicgirl : That is why NO won wants to be your friend
Wofiemagicgirl : He did die from the cross thanks for sharing the sad thougs Love @WOLFIEMAGICBIKE,[-] @sarax._[-] AND @wolfie 0911[-]
Mayapuppy : Nice
Mohammad667 : كل خرا
maryam#306865 : I hat you
محمدCoolBook : خسه
noormoayad5e : wh do you care im talking to the one who told him DONT SWEAR
noormoayad5e : i know right these peple are mad
Heaszall : Im cisinu
Heaszall : He did for ar sins
Heaszall : Hi
Bek.com : im a cristian
Bek.com : he did die for uor sins theanks for sharing this
Bek.com : hi
Neon10 : Yeet
Emmy 9.13 : Hi
NataliaRedShoe : Bonito
Coolkid 10 1 : DONT SWEAR
Emmy 9.13 : Love it
Teangan : Hi
Emmy 9.13 : I love him
Teangan : Hi im teangan
Meerab1978 : In the islamic religion he is PROPHET EESA
Mirandagames : You are christian or catholic?
Mirandagames : I love jesus too is very real i read jesus stories!!!
MarieFastBoat : Yup you right you right
Aroncitygames124 : 😴😴😴
History guy : Catholic
bff tahlia : cool
Nightwing45 : Yay jesus! I read my bible every day
_ohhthats.sea : Follow me if you love jesus
Nightmare Civic : @Ryan OMG[-]
Lilohorses101 : Yeah im like super christian
Glamorgirl4 : Me liked it i go to a church jeases will love it #glad u bileve in god
Logical:)= : I love jesus he washed all our sins
JodieWhittaker : Im an aithiest, sorry (non religious) but i go to a chirstian school and i respect your beliefs. Leaving a like! Good Job!
Prick : Correct
WolfieMagicBike : That is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To sayy that t oJeSuS and GoD
WolfieMagicBike : Yes veryy yyyy
645127 : bye bye
SnailFastSofa980 : Yes, very er..