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Stop Bullying
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Stop Bullying

3 months ago
This is Ellen. She was bullied in the past, and now she wants to make a diffrence. She waves a red stop sign with the words “Stop Bulling”.

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Que41 : How did u do that
Lachie cool yeet : Im gering bulled
Ananya♾ : Me too
AdrianShoe9 : How do you do it.
husseinClever : how you do that
Que41 : I feel sorry for Ellen😪 WAAAA!
Waiwhakaata236 : Omg this is so cool :)
OMGOlivia : Nice
Kireina : Yes. To those suffering: Remember that someone who you don't know loves you for who you are. Keep pushing through.
Jailbreak101 : I have been bullied to before...THANK U
Jailbreak101 : I agree...Nice message
XxStarrySkiesxX : I’m sorry you were mistreated. It can be really, really, really hard going to school every day and knowing somthing bad will likley happen to you. You have really good friends for them to do that.
hamza gfk : good vary vary good
CharlotteKi1234 : The person is amazing!!
Lizzzzz : Why you built like that
Evaqn : Gives Out Incperation
Pepperoreo : want to buy its that good
rabbitBike : Good job
sayaka123 : amazing
Pepperoreo : Soooooo cool
AddisonFancGucci : im bullied alot in school, but my friends helped me, and i need that sign in real-life!
thebestpersonever_12345 : yes that is amazing put a sign and say no to bullying
hgtghfcbufvhuu : Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XxStarrySkiesxX : Thank you! I’m glad you like it!
hamdanHappy32 : حمدان
hamdanHappy32 : حمدان