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about 18 hours ago
Tell me if you like it and if you can buy it ok thank have a nice day and sorry if you can not buy this my thing is very weird for some reson

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Yasmin^-^ : You have it did u just get it
Hailey Tang : Lv it!
animeMemeQunnesnow : me hava ♥️ no you
animeMemeQunnesnow : look me now!
animeMemeQunnesnow : oh me heve the!♥️
bubbles_ninja : that is the CUTEST THING EVER!
Jude@nutella : Wooooooooow
GoVolsLB26 : Awsome
Alsuwaidi100 : im toking it 1 coin
@mail.fcboe.org : Its A Cute Desgin!Keep making great desgin's Yasmin.
Yasmin^-^ : Hey do u know how to make something from not for sale for sale bc i an haveing some trouble to makeing it for sale if you can help that will be amazing
Yasmin^-^ : Thanks
Yasmin^-^ : Hay i will if it will let me i think i might so i will let you know ok thanks bye
Roblox lover 45 : Hi!! This is an amazing creation!!! Plz make it free or do a price soooo cool and pls follow me ;) ‘-‘
dede2006Red : wow
Kamal 23 : Cute girl.
Yasmin^-^ : Plz help me
Yasmin^-^ : Plz help me
Ashley rose tik tok girl : So beautiful so beautiful
abdullahLake5 : i sell it free
#CoolGirlof2020 : SO buying this!
Yasmin^-^ : Thanks
Lauren2319 : OMG that is so so so cute
Luluisreal : Supe cute
Kitty sc : Kitty sc
The starHappy : I like it
Yasmin^-^ : Thanks you guys are the best
Celia.zhao : Luv it but make it free or at least one token
Coral,tomboy : Im takeong it :3
starlight3378 : so cute
Luna potter : Yes I do!
Adrian2020 : Your name is so cute
Neema100000000 : Coolllllllllllllll!'!!!!!!!!!!!!
WyattMagic3 : Yes
Mimsmartmagic : I love it and can you make 3 tokens
CorinneBike : Hi Can you sell those wings
Coral,tomboy : Takeing
Pet_Lover : Beautiful
Yasmin^-^ : Thanks
PomeranianPuppy : i luv it
ﻢﻃر : awww so cute