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New Marmaduke Mascot
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New Marmaduke Mascot

8 months ago
This is the new mascot for Marmaduke’s Epic Flight. (I dont deserve to win).

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kaylanvlo : Rowan it is so noice
Lion54 : Noice
RowanR : Noice
KaidenFun : Cool
billym : Good
NicolaT : Noice mate
Amitymusic : Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I cant have it
Maker : Hi i love your Picture or Design
luca 6605 : cute i wish it was on sale so i can by it zacm
HO-0015 : Whyyyyyyyy you gooddddd
Alexispollard : so cooool
HO-0015 : If. You go your gonna be happy And you deserve to win
HO-0015 : Dis expensive
HO-0015 : *Good*..
bladyk : nice zacM
brodydo : good price
brodydo : fair enuff
HO-0015 : Your defenly gonna win this is amazing work keep doing this!And i think your gonna win
AndreB : Because it is to good to be on sale
HO-0015 : Dis amazingg
brodydo : Why not for sale?!
bladyk : nice.
Grace Bielke : Lol
mousa1920 : nais
KateTy : Wow Runner Up Zac! That is awesome!
KateTy : That is amazing Zac!